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Feb 5, 2014 05:49 AM

Trader Joe's Unsulfured, Sweetened And Dried Mango

I have been buying these for a while now. I looked at the nutritional information on the back of the package and noticed that the ingredients are "sugar, mango." From what I have learned, this means there is more sugar than mango by weight. Correct? If so, this is surprising to me. I never deluded myself that these were very healthful by any chance, but to find out that there is more sugar than mango? I am surprised.

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  1. Actually sugar is often added to dried fruit so they can use under ripe fruit- dried cranberries may be the worst offender. Trader joe's has some great freeze dried fruits now that don't have added sugar, and some of the other fruits don't.
    This brand of dried mangos doesn't have added sugar:

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      Thanks for the info; I'll have to be more savvy when shopping for dried fruits. I'm still amazed that the mangos I cited above are more sugar than mango.
      Edit: I just checked the package of dried cranberries I have from TJ's and cranberries are listed first, sugar second.

    2. Sugar is a preservative which allows for a much moister product. Sugar is also hygroscopic (attracts water). So lots of sugar = moist soft very sweet product.

      Trader Joe's also sells "Nothing but Mango" which is as described by its name and has a much more leathery texture.

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        I've had those and they are good. Thanks.