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Feb 5, 2014 12:42 AM

Location of Lawrenceville Smashburger?

The Smashburger website lists a new location opening in Lawrenceville in March. I couldn't find an address. Does anybody know? I would guess somewhere on Route 1. It must be well under construction if it's opening next month.

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  1. Looks like:

    3321 Brunswick Pike (Route 1 - south)
    Lawrence, New Jersey 08648

    White building with a group of 4 stores including Fortunoff. Just after the old Denny's location.

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    1. re: Foody4life

      Good find. David's Bridal... Probably a good idea to avoid Smashburger if you're getting fitted for a wedding dress. lol

      1. re: ebchower


        it's a perfect mix. get a loan at Citibank, buy your dress at David's, grab a smashburger to celebrate and dine in Fortunoff's backyard store.

    2. I visited there today. I put into the select category of "worst meal that I can remember". The hamburger was made in advance and was only available well done. At that point I should have left, but I continued and ordered a Smashburger and an order of fries.

      The meat was essentially tasteless (McD is probably better) and the fries were wildly over salted. The bun was OK.

      Needless to say I won't be returning to this place!

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      1. re: bankcello

        This is a different franchisee than the one that owns the majority of the Smashburgers in New Jersey. I have a friend who lives in Lawrence and she gave up after they screwed up her order on more than one occasion.

        Smashburger is explicit that their burgers are cooked to order. If they are making them ahead of time here, you should consider reporting it to corporate.

        1. re: ebchower

          I did send a comment to the franchise. If they want to do the decent thing they should refund my cost. A franchiser should be responsible for the actions of a franchisee.

        2. re: bankcello

          Being made in advance would not be ok, but being well-done (or not available at different levels of done-ness, anyway) seems to just be how it is with burgers that are smashed....

          I actually enjoyed my burger here and thought the meat tasted more notably beefy than the last couple of burgers I'd had. The sweet potato fries were fine but I wouldn't bother with them again. My visit would have been at least a couple months ago but certainly after your own.