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Location of Lawrenceville Smashburger?

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The Smashburger website lists a new location opening in Lawrenceville in March. I couldn't find an address. Does anybody know? I would guess somewhere on Route 1. It must be well under construction if it's opening next month.

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  1. Looks like:

    3321 Brunswick Pike (Route 1 - south)
    Lawrence, New Jersey 08648

    White building with a group of 4 stores including Fortunoff. Just after the old Denny's location.


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      Good find. David's Bridal... Probably a good idea to avoid Smashburger if you're getting fitted for a wedding dress. lol

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        it's a perfect mix. get a loan at Citibank, buy your dress at David's, grab a smashburger to celebrate and dine in Fortunoff's backyard store.