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Feb 4, 2014 09:43 PM

NE of the I-5 I-90 interchange

What is the name of the neighborhood just to the NE of the 5 and 90 interchange, and what are the best eats (any cuisine) within a 1 mile radius?

I know the ID is close, but more than a mile away. There is a place called Tea Garden that got some positive attention on this board, but the Yelpers hate it. There is a Peruvian chicken place near Charles across from the gas station - any good? What else? Thank you!

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  1. There's the section of the ID known as Little Saigon, many restaurants including Malay Satay. The adjoining neighborhood is generally lumped in with the Central District, though it's technically Jackson Place. The Peruvian chicken place is often busy, if that's any indication. I've only eaten there once. There is a high minded and pretty tasty pizza place just off Rainier: Humble Pie and a comfort food haven, Cheeky Café, up Jackson:

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      This is great thank you. It will help me to navigate around the neighborhood.

    2. Uway Malatang is under the very edge of the I-5 overpass over 9th & Jackson. Hot-pot is straightforward. Enter and sit and waiter introduces the scene. You go back out to the cooler of prepped ingredients (sliced lamb/chicken/beef/meatball, tofu, a dozen or so vegetables) you ogled as you entered and get a pound or more for your order. By the time you come back with your selections the waiter has fired-up the bubbling hot-pot of your choice of 2 broths from a half-dozen kinds, delivered a snappy little dish of crisp pickles, and you are good to go. Did I mention hand-shaved and hand-pulled noodles? Live theater and tasty.
      Parking in the garage in which the restaurant is situated is free and there is still usually lots of it and near enough the odd inside passage from the parking lot. It all worked together well enough that I hope to exhaust the menu before long.

      1. A mile radius from that interchange covers all of Pioneer Square, the ID, Little Saigon, the north end of Beacon Hill and a big chunk of the Central District, FWIW.

        Assuming you mean just the north-east quadrant, I can think of a few places that way.

        Up at Jackson and 22nd, Chef Cafe is seriously cheap and delicious Ethiopian, worth a visit.

        Sichuanese Cuisine is my default for, well Sichuanese cuisine in Seattle.

        The original Pho Bac location is in that sector, as well as Saigon Deli (bahn mi) and Pho So 1 (good pho but also bun bo hue)

        Malay Satay is also in the area. Tamarind Tree is still popular and tasty.

        1. Tea Garden shouldn't be considered especially since you have other better choices in the ID.