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Feb 4, 2014 07:33 PM

Beef Tenderloin What am I missing?

So we just bought our first beef tenderloin from costco. It was about 3.1Kg at a price of 24.99 per kilo, So I guess thats about 11.35 per lbs.

We carved it up watched many of videos I think I did a pretty good job lost a bit of meat while taking off the fat but not to much. Just under a kilo in fat. (It was pretty fatty)

We got about 10-4oz Steaks, 500Grams of cubes and about 187 grams of misc meat.

So when I weight this all out it came in about about 2.318 Kilos.

Now this is where I am really second guessing my self. Costco had .953 Kilos of Tenderloin steaks as well these were 34.99 per Kilo.

So according to my math to get the same 2.318 Kilos I got would have cost me 81 dollars and my whole tenderloin was 79. how did I only save 2 dollars or am I missing something?

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  1. Sounds about right. Once you take the chain and fat off you're looking at 2/3 to 3/4 weight. I think it's like a diamond, it's worth exponentially more if it's all in one piece. Why? Dunno... except that you have a greater control over size of cuts. I only buy a full tenderloin if I'm going to make a chateaubriand.

    1. You bought the entire cut and thus paid for excess that you had to trim. I don't think you're missing anything.

      1. Your not missing anything - they get you coming and going with this cut. You'd think butchering it yourself would save you more but it just doesn't in this case. It is the same here in the states at my Costco.

        I can actually get whole trimmed or untrimmed tenderloin most of the time at my Costco and when you just look at the price difference in the package you think . . . oh I"m saving money getting the untrimmed - but in the end they work out to be almost the same.

        And if you're a bad trimmer or don't know what to do with your trimmings you can actually end up worse off.

        1. Some people enjoy presenting the whole tenderloin and slice it like prime rib. There's not a huge differential to be expected for about 10 minutes of work (or less than 5 for Costco's butchers).

          1. To me the value in getting the whole peeled T-loin is getting the steaks cut as I like; as well as better meat than the local stores carry.

            Compared to the supermarket price Costco is significantly cheaper and better.

            Compared to my local butcher, who is a prick, its even cheaper.