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Feb 4, 2014 07:20 PM



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    1. Would love to hear whether this restaurant is worthy for a special night celebration. Any other suggestions? FoiGras

      1. I went there to celebrate a "big" birthday. Enjoyed the food, but was VERY glad I wasn't paying-- I thought the prices were too high for the experience. And I have to say, that other than the prices, it didn't feel like a special occasion type of place.

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          stephanieg--thank you for your response. I've always respected and considered your contributions to my requests. I viewed the online menu, and agree that it is quite pricey, but thought that it would be a nice dress-up venue and worth the dollars.

          My initial idea was to go to Tio Pepe's, but my companion had issues with the staff snarcky. Not nice. I didn't want to expose my friend to an uncomfortable situation.

          Can you recommend an upscale/dressy/Saturday night (early dinner) restaurant? (Please not Charleston--which is way too expensive). I've reconsidered the Prime Rib,but was looking for a new adventure in the dining scene. Thanks for your always good input. FoiGras

          1. re: FoiGras

            I wish I could! I feel that other than the "usual" suspects-- Tios, Prime Rib, Charleston-- the places that are expensive in Baltimore are surprisingly casual, non-dressy places (e.g., Ouzu Bay, Black Olive, etc.). Cinghale is on the nicer side, but I've had inconsistent experiences there, so am hesitant to suggest it for a truly special occasion. And in the county, Oregon Grill and the Milton Inn could fit the bill-- although I am recommending them only based on others-- I don't think I've been to either in at least 5 years. Would you consider going to DC?

            1. re: stephanieg

              I dined at Oregon Grill a few years back and was quite satisfied. OUr waiter, Tom, was delightful and very professional. I recall ordering baked oysters which were amazing with crab meat.

              Like you, my experience at Cinghale was not favorable. I don't recall specifics as it was about 4 years ago.

              You are probably on the right track with regards to traveling to DC to find an upscale, dressy restaurant. I wouldn't know where to begin, but I can put forth the question to the DC area chowhounds.

              There is a local restaurant that I find quite lovely--the Elkridge Furnace Inn. It's very romantic, the menu changes about quarterly, the service is very professional and the atmosphere is cozy--especially in the winter months where one can be seated by a warming fireplace.
              I also actually like Kings Contrivance.

              I haven't been in quite some time, but Kali's Court used to be a favorable option.

              As always, thanks for your informed response. FoiGras

              1. re: FoiGras

                You're welcome! And I definitely want to note that I always appreciate your suggestions and opinions too-- I think we are typically on the same page when it comes to dining.

                Kali's is another restaurant that I've found to be quite inconsistent. It's a place I've always wanted to love because it's so beautiful, but I've never found the quality to be on par with the cost.

                As for DC, do you like Indian (for some reason, I think you don't???)? One of my favorite (and upscale/dressy) places is the Bombay Club. There is really no place in Baltimore like it. I also love Marcel's, but it's very pricy. However, I think they may have a "pre-theater" seating that costs a bit less, so if you're going on the early side, that could be perfect for you. I am definitely interested in seeing what DC Chowhounders suggest-- since we have our favorites and rarely dine out in DC, when we do we stick to the ones we know and love.

                1. re: stephanieg

                  I do agree with your selections. You are correct in the fact that I am not a fan of Indian cuisine. But, I need to re-evaluate as the single experience I had was over 20 years ago while I was in north Miami Beach. So, I really should reconsider and give it another try.

                  With the weather being so snowy and cold, I will probably wait before venturing over to DC for dining out.

                  In the interim, guess I'll stay with the Baltimore standards, i.e., Prime Rib, Tio's, Oregon Grill, etc.

                  I considered Wit and Wisdom, but have seen mixed reviews.

                  Today it's going to be stay at home and cook comfort food--warm and fattening. Haven't yet decided what that will be. FoiGras

        2. Is there a bar where I might be able to eat by myself?