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Feb 4, 2014 06:59 PM

What's New In BBQ?

I have the dubious pleasure of going to Topeka Kansas next week.

On the up side, after the plane lands, I'll be going to the venerable old skool Arthur Bryant's BBQ in Kansas City on Sunday in the 18th and Vine district of KC, one of the historic nests of American Jazz.

Then on the way back from Topeka to the airport, Tuesday afternoon I'll hit Oklahoma Joes.
(Anthony Bourdain says it's one of 13 places to eat before you die!


So Chowhounders, is it time for us to e-postulate (the BBQ version of postulate) on the best Q Seattle has to offer? (anyone remember the "pink house" off the alley near 23rd and Cherry?)

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  1. I think the thing Seattle folks never get about BBQ is the challenge around consistency.

    Even the best places in the world have "off-days" when it comes to BBQ. Your memories of "great memories" of a specific BBQ spot probably relate more to the day you went that to it's actual quality.

    Not to mention specific timing. Without the volume of demand, many of the BBQ spots around here have to leave stuff around all day, and any BBQer knows that quality degrades quickly once it's out in the open.

    That said, I'll throw up Gabriel's Fire and Raining Ribs that get it right more often than not around here.

    The one I don't get is Pinky's over in Wallingford. I've had legitimate BBQ people tell me they love it, but every time I've gotten it, everything has been dry and acrid. If anyone has advice on what they like, or a specific time of day they've gotten good stuff there, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, Seattle's people who rep R&L have never had really good BBQ.

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    1. re: GreenYoshi

      Pinky's: the smoked fried chicken sandwich.

      The traditional barbecue meats are just OK. Smokey, but yeah, on the dry side.

      1. re: GreenYoshi

        Not sure what you mean about R&L. Is it worth a try or not?

        1. re: JayDK

          Not. I've given them every chance to serve up good bbq, and they've given me nothing close.

          The next one up for me is "Sweet Bones" down in Tukwila.

        2. re: GreenYoshi

          R&'s (the "Home") brisket is good stuff, but that's all I get when I go there. I've not found another brisket that is as good, but am willing to give other places a chance.

        3. I like Boar's Nest in Ballard. It's not the best barbecue joint in the region (GreenYoshi already covered those), but Boar's Nest is probably my favorite place in Seattle proper. Their meats tend to be well-seasoned and not too tough or chewy. Furthermore, the prices are reasonable and they offer fried pickle chips as a side.

          Pinky's is a lot better if you ignore the barbecue and just order as much deep-fried food as your conscience will allow.

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          1. re: lavaca

            Boar's Nest has a chicken sandwich that is evocative of a Chick-Fil-A sandwich (with pickle slice and all).

            And you're right, my favorite things at Pinky's was their fried chicken sandwich. Their mac&cheese is good too. I will heed your "ignore the barbecue" advice from henceforth.

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              Pinky's fried chicken sandwich with fried shoestring onions added to it... can't beat fried on fried~! :)

          2. Hi, Jay:

            A new contender is Bourbon & Bones on Leary. Good Carolina-style sauce and house-made adouille.


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            1. re: kaleokahu

              Hey K!
              I brought back a rack of ribs from KC and now I'm jones'n for more.
              Just checked out B&B in "Frellard" on Yelp and...ouch!! The bad reviews were horrid. The good ones early on were clearly from "friends and family."
              That leaves it hit or miss.
              I'm going straight for their sausage and hope for the best.

              ? Do Chowhounds pay attention to Yelp?

              1. re: JayDK

                Hi, Jay:

                I've only tried B&B once, and I thought it was good. I had the chicken, and Wahine had beef brisket, with shared bacon collard greens.

                To tell the truth, I don't pay a lot of attention to Yelp. I find reviews there to be less than useful on average, due to the fact that bitchiness about service tends to skew things, and frankly about 80% of the reviews are by folks who are not particularly articulate about food, IMO. I get better informed usually, right here on CH.

                B&B is a strange operation. Actually, it seems to be *two separate* operations--the tavern won't take food orders. For me this resulted in a classic "Who's On First" when the barkeep took my credit card for the beer tab, and I had no cash to pay for the food. But they managed.

                If you go to B&B, please post. There're pretty good/unusual beers being poured there, even if the food doesn't appeal.


                PS The house-made Andouille were very plump and tempting.

            2. I used to go to the "pinks". Best ribs in Seattle and close to my house. I used to flip for dinner. Memories!

              1. I used to go to the "pinks". Best ribs in Seattle and close to my house. I used to flip for dinner. Memories!

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                1. re: Jimster

                  Was Pinks at 34th and Union by the bus stop?

                  1. re: forkit

                    No. 23&cherry. Bar service in the alley. If I recall there was an AA meeting next door.