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Feb 4, 2014 06:28 PM

Pescatore: Birthday Dinner Tonight

5:30pm rez. Drive was ok. Parking not as easy as we might have thought--some icy pavement in driveway. But, once inside, all was well.
Lovely attentive service; varied menu hard to choose from; we enjoyed
ourselves thoroughly. Fairly priced for the quality: our tab came to $100 for three appetizers, two pasta dishes as mains, lemon sorbet for hubby, homemade cannoli for me, + two coffees.

Now, let me get specific. I loved my oysters rockefellar! I mean, over the top perfect. Hubby ordered a their special Nonna's meatballs--two tender, large meatballs of beef/pork and something else, maybe veal--seriously good, and I had myself a big sauced taste. He also ordered an arugula salad, which was accompanied by a huge Roman whole stemmed artichoke, cherry tomatoes, shaved cheese on top--again, seriously good, and again, I had a good sized taste.

My main was sure to my liking: fettucine Pescatore: rimmed with mussels, loaded with clams, crabmeat, two huge shrimp, subtle, but
totally scrumptious sauce: taste could not be improved upon, and I
managed the whole large dish without struggle, albeit slowly.
Hubby's main a little more prosaic--Something Bolongese sauce, but
I was too focused on my dish to even taste.

Cannoli was great, but the surprise was the refreshing in-house made
I believe, lemon sorbet. The perfect ending to a lovely meal. I wound
up enjoying almost half of it. Coffee satisfactory, but the weakest link
in very satisfying dining experience.

We will be back. Thanks for the rec, CH's. It was quiet, but might
not have been if full. An asset to quiet Bala.

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  1. Thanks so much for this fine report.
    It always feels like a bit of a responsibility to recommend something I like -- worrying whether someone else will be as enthusiastic as I.
    I'm glad you "got it".
    But don't go after 6:30 on weekends unless you like shouting.

    1. Thanks for a fine rec, Arepo; keep em coming.

      I left out one detail that meant a lot to me. They had a special of squid ink pasta tonight. When I heard it, I asked the waiter to please alert that chef, that my allergy
      to squid ink was so high that it was important to me that
      my dish not be cooked in a pan that had not been thoroughly washed if it had been touched by squid ink.

      They "got it', and handled my request with grace, and assured me that a freshly washed pan had been used.
      Now that's service.

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      1. re: Bashful3

        Damn, l go anywhere for squid ink pasta, l would have licked your pan for you, just to keep you safe.

      2. Good one, Deluca! Funny thing is, I really liked the taste,
        but it didn't like me. Not a pretty scene though--yucky color, but great taste. I can even eat squid, but not the ink.

        1. About the parking. Having parked once in their lot, we prefer to park on the street. Over several visits on weekend nights (all but one a Saturday), we have never had a problem parking very close to the restaurant. It seems that there is never anything going on at the movie theater across the street.