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Apr 24, 2006 06:27 PM

Dinner and Dancing in Phoenix

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Hey, guys! :)

I was asked, and as the wonderful Jester didn't know off the top of his head, y'all are of course the next stop.

Coworker is looking for a place in Phoenix for nice dinner and ballroom dancing... What do you guys recommend?


~ Bellana

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  1. I'm trying to think if any of the resorts have something that fits. I do remember the Bistro at the Ritz offering music, but I'm not sure about the dancing part. You might want to check on that.


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    1. re: rramirez

      Is Marco Polo still open? There was one at Camelback and about 26th street and another in Scottsdale at Shea and the 101. I believe that have/had dancing.

      I hate to say this, but Barcelona? Not exactly ballroom dancing, but dancing.

      1. re: Gayle

        Marco Polo on Shea is long gone. It was a steak place and is now Maloneys.

      2. re: rramirez
        alllice (let's eat!)

        Alas...for the most part, you may have dinner or you may dance...or you can do one after the other. but together? Not usually, not here. (Okay - maybe Johnny's Uptown) - but I just did yet another story on ballroom dancing (shoes!) and unless you want to do McAlpines - kinda sorta dinner - and then swing dancing...
        U do recall that Drinkwater's occasionally has music, but the dance floor's only slightly larger than a handkerchief.
        Good luck!

        1. re: rramirez
          Kimberly McGhee

          Check out the Chaparell at Camelback Inn, it is awesome!!!

        2. In what used to be called Uptown Plaza, Camelback and Central, there is a little supper club tucked in the corner (or there was). I seem to recall that this was a dine and dance establishment - not sure it fits the Ballroom requirement.