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Feb 4, 2014 06:22 PM

When did you first discover Chowhound ?

Also how ? Freind, browsing the web,recipes,etc.....

Knowing I would be working in Culver City for five weeks. I needed places to eat.

I stumbled upon Chowhound in 2009 browsing the web for restaurants in Los Angeles.I signed up and I think my first post was, looking for Spanish food and chefs who suffer for their food.

W.S.G got me started with Sergio and his food.I was hooked and ate there many times.Thanks for that info Every night was a new adventure of trying new places.

The rest is history.

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  1. When I was researching how to enhance the flavor of a ramen powder packet. I stumbled on a ramen thread discussing add ins for packaged ramen soup. My culinary knowledge has been expanded several times over from what I read on this site. :)

    1. When I bought my ROKU to stream Netflix onto the big plasma there is a bunch of freebie channels available. One was CHOW and I fell in love with James Norton supertaster and through his suggestions to his fans to access him and CHOW online I found Chowhound. STILL grieving over James though:( He was the business that guy!

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        Yesterday, I posted an interview James Norton recently gave. It's posted on the Food Media board.

      2. Back in 2006 I was on leave and drove up to NYC to hook up with a newly retired Army buddy. Not being the type to go unprepared, I decided to spend a few days looking for someplace fun to grab a bite to eat at.

        So I Googled up some reviews for Chinese restaurants in NYC, and came across a bunch of suggestions on the old Chowhound forum.

        Unfortunately we never had a chance to eat where I wanted to, due to rather strident objections from his soon-to-be former girlfriend.

        However the next time we linked up, we went to Chinatown and ate at Amazing 66. Then over the next few nights we hit the Golden Monkey, just a few blocks away from where he lived, off of Leavitt and Carlton in Flushing.

        Now he, like every fifth person in NYC, lives down here in Florida.

        1. My husband joined the site way before I did. He was working in NYC and found Jim Leff's food reviews refreshing and curious. We tried a few recommendations and enjoyed the food adventure these places turned out to be. Once the site was purchased by CNET my dh felt too much would be lost and rarely visits with any frequency anymore. But all of my children, relatives and colleagues are members. A few of my neighbors joined last year and I've been here reading and writing since I believe 2004. Anyway, CH has taken the place of some of the non fiction book reading I use to do and food blogs also keep me entertained. But mostly I'm glad to have 'discovered' the site because of the sheer joy all of you find in sharing your food discoveries with people like me.

          It's an interesting community; different every day.

          1. I used to participate on usenet groups. General food groups, recipe groups and LA area restaurants. Someone mentioned CH and I went looking for it. Been here ever since.