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Feb 4, 2014 05:43 PM

Take-out between FLL and Sunny Isles?

We are flying into FLL on Thursday evening, arriving at around 9 pm and then driving down to Sunny Isles. Any recommendations for a place that is reasonably on the way where we could pick up some great take-out to enjoy on our hotel balcony? Would prefer something other than sushi or pizza.

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  1. Epicure Market in Sunny Isles has anything you could possibly want...You'll need to check closing time, however.

    1. try the Russian deli just north of Epicure--though also, check the closing times.

      1. Kabobji is open until 11:00 & the shawarma is excellent!

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          Thanks, all! These looks like some good options.

        2. Epi cure prepared foods were gross looking tuna ok, ..takeout that is either sandwich like to eat later or something you can will tired getting in late ..I suggest you forego the takeout which will be subpar
          by the time you eat it, and get some sit down hot food to relax at yakko san right in Sunny isles where they are open till 3 thirty am..

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            excellent idea--Yakko San never fails!