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Feb 4, 2014 05:30 PM

Omakase at Sushi Central, a short list

Took my friends out to a birthday dinner at Sushi Central, we went on Saturday around 6 and had the bar to ourselves for about two hours before other people started to show up. That let us have a leisurely, intimate, meal.

I mostly just wrote down what Phillip said, so I apologize for switching languages.

Tuna Sashimi
Golden Eye Snapper
Black Sea Bream
Shima Aji
Salmon Belly
Yellowtail Belly
European Seabass
Sea Snail
Blue Crab Handroll
San Diego Uni

Highlights were the Ono, which is grazed lightly with a creme brulee torch before being served, the buttery Blue Crab Handroll (served warm, unlike Shunji's) and the sweet, briney, creamy, Uni.

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    1. sushi central is a gem.
      thoroughly enjoyed my meal there.

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      1. re: westsidegal

        Glad you enjoyed it!

        I was wondering if you ever made it.

        I feel like it doesn't get any love around here, and I can understand it getting overshadowed by some of the more expensive places, but I'm glad that it is there.

      2. What do you major ballers on the sushi scene think of Sushi Central ?????

        for some reason, you guys never mentioned it ??????

        Btw, do they serve beer and wines at Sushi Central ?

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        1. i was there recently as well for omakase and had a delightful meal as usual. i agree that it is a hidden gem for the quality and variety of the fish. the rice is always the perfect temperature as well. we had similar offerings but no belly was served and we had amaebi four ways - the liver served in a ponzu "shot", nigiri, the shells cooked in miso broth, and the fried heads. i agree the ono is a standout.

          it was empty until almost 7pm on a Saturday except for a few walk-ins for takeout. go 'hounds and keep the place open!