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Feb 4, 2014 05:16 PM

Is there a single decent Chinese restaurant in Whitby or Oshawa?

I combed the "Durham restaurants that don't suck" thread before posting this. There I found BusterRhino's recommendation for May Flower but I wasn't able to find any other support for this spot.

I have a serious craving for authentic or even authentic-ish Chinese food. Other than making it myself, are there any options here in our culinary wasteland?

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  1. I used to live in Richmond Hill and Markham before making the move to Brooklin 6.5 years ago. Suffice to say I was spoiled by all of the great authentic Chinese located within the Markham/R. Hill area.

    Sad to report that I have not found anything remotely close in the Whitby area. The search continues.......

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    1. re: kayia1

      There is nothing in Whitby/Oshawa for what you seek. Scarborough or Markham is closest. I would also say there is no great Thai, Indonesian, Indian, or Vietnamese. Good BBQ, Burgers, wings, donairs......

      1. re: Torontotonto

        Right on all counts except for good BBQ: Buster Rhinos
        Just my opinion.....

        1. re: kayia1

          Buster Rhinos is great....what dont you like about it?

          1. re: Torontotonto

            If I interpret the original message, the only good things you claim to find there are BBQ, burgers, wings and donairs, but I can see where it could be read that those are no good either. Some confusion?

            1. re: Pincus

              Good point. I meant to say there are Good BBQ, Burgers, wings, donairs......:)

              1. re: Torontotonto

                Sorry TO I misread your post, I agree with your comments re: Busters

    2. no authentic chinese food in durham, that i've found, or even authentic-ish. . .

      considering the realities of demographics, it's not surprising. a truly authentic chinese resto would sadly not be supported well enough to survive.

      that basically goes for most other 'ethnic' restos. . .no 'great' restos really exist for ethnic foods in durham, but i always hope to be proven wrong.

      that being said, i think there are some 'good' options here, and it's not entirely a culinary wasteland.

      just my opinion, but i think pho vietnam 999 does a good job, and appear just as authentic as any places i've tried in the t-dot.

      baldwin street burger does the best burger in the region, but not at the same level as say holy chuck or priest.

      i have eaten at rhino's on a few occasions, and sampled most of what they have to offer, and am not nearly as enthused about them as many on this board. i find them to be pretty mediocre, but passable.

      my east coast donairs experience was regrettable, but i might give them another shot this week, as i'll be in the area.

      i found mt. pleasant to be good, but a little too heavy with the ghee. i actually preferred my experience at food village, for indo-pakistani food.

      if you are looking for 'hakka' chinese, tangerine has a franchise in whitby, that pumps out all the same sort of stuff you would find in markham at places like federicks, etc. their management leaves something to be desired, but the food is okay.

      you won't find any great sushi in durham.

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      1. re: afong56

        afong56, do you have any recommendations for Tangerine? I had one meh experience at the Whitby location shortly after it opened. I'd love to hear what you've enjoyed...we're thinking of having it today.

        1. re: Breadcrumbs

          no standouts--just the typical hakka standards--chili chicken, hakka noodles, etc.

          i throw tangerine into the good, not great category, in that it matches the stuff that markham hakka places produce, but in durham. . .