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Feb 4, 2014 04:48 PM

Times Square dinner for 40 recommendations.

I am in charge of dinner reservations for a party of about 40 (15 kids). We are staying in the Times Square area of NYC but are willing to travel a little further. We have many different tastes so tend to stay away from one cuisine i.e. Thai or Chinese.

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  1. Do you have a budget per person...including drinks, tip and taxes?

    What day of the week is your party planned for?

    Best to be within walking distance as getting 40 people to an uptown or downtown venue will add to your cost.

    Are you looking for a "formal" place or a "jeans & sneakers" restaurant?

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      No real budget, but with all the kids can't be anything too nice. Forgot to mention that we usually require a private/semi private room. Dinner will be June 19 & 20 Thurs., Fri. We have eaten at some nicer steakhouse type places in the past but no white tablecloth, jacket required type of place. Thanks!

      1. 21 club has a nice private room that can accommodate 40 people.

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            21 Club does not really seem like the type of place the OP is looking for, plus they require men to wear jackets, which the OP states is not an option. From their web site:


            No. Gentlemen must wear jackets to gain entry to the Bar Room, Upstairs at '21' and the Wine Cellar."

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              I didn't realize the private rooms required jackets too or do they?

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                I would think if the rest of the place does, the private rooms would also. But even if not, the OP stipulates "No real budget, but with all the kids can't be anything too nice" and "no white tablecloth, jacket required type of place" And with jackets being required in the other spaces, then 21 Club is that "type of place." Still, maybe I'm wrong and it is exactly what the OP is looking for. Only he can decide for sure!

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                  I was there for a pretty informal family party there once...with kids so 21 club just popped out of my head.

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                    I've been to 21 Club as well, it's not so bad as some would make it out to be... certainly better than going to Olive Garden or Guy Fier's Kitchen

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                      Good to know. Your first post made it seem like you were just throwing it out there. Now that you have let us know you have first-hand experience there, the suggestion takes on a different light. Sorry for the doubt. :)

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                        no prob. =)
                        I should stop repying when I am using a phone. Doesn't really know how to type more than a sentence.

            2. check out bourbon st bar and grille on 46th. They have a private room.

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              1. Trattoria del Arte has a private space downstairs that could accommodate 40+ people. unsure what the cost is, but i've had office parties there that were well received.

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