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Feb 4, 2014 03:49 PM

Saturday lunch for 3 year old and Dad

I will be in NOLA for the day on Saturday Feb 15th. I plan on taking my daughter to the Zoo (or aquarium if the weather is bad) in the morning and then out to lunch at about 12:30.

Where would you recommend going were a dad can get a good meal and a child would not be out of place if she was not on her best behavior?

I would like something with easy parking and not in the French Quarter (i.e. uptown/garden district area). We have reservations for lunch later in the month at Commander's and Galatoire's so these are off the list.

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  1. John Besh's American Sector (at the WWII Museum) in the Garden District works very well for your criteria. Very kid friendly and casual, but also good food prepared with flair for adults, and adult beverages.

    1. Close to the Zoo: Tartine,
      Delicious sandwiches, salads, a different soup each day. Small selection of baked goods, too, so you can bribe the kiddo with a cookie. Indoor and outdoor seating.

      Also Breads on Oak, Bakery with simple but tasty sandwiches, a few sidewalk tables, and a courtyard. I'd put truBurger and Pho Bistreaux on the list as well.

      None are fine dining, but all are good food & 3-year-old friendly.

      1. Take a look at High Hat Cafe on Freret. They have a website.

        1. With a three year old as my prime focus:

          If you do the zoo: Superior Grill on St. Charles Avenue, always lots of kids in there. Not fine dining in any sense, but adequate Mexican fare. Maple St. Cafe on Maple Street; Flaming Torch, and Gott Gourmet Cafe both on Magazine

          If you do the aquarium: American Sector is on the outskirts of the CBD; Domenica is in the Roosevelt Hotel;
          Irish House and Zea, both on St. Charles Ave.

          Here is a Tom Fitzmorris' citywide list of restaurants open for lunch on Saturday.