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Feb 4, 2014 03:34 PM

Where is your Favorite French Toast?

I LOVE the French Toast at Dandelion and Sabrina's so I'm wondering if I keep going there or should I try someplace else like Hawthorne's for Funnel Cake French Toast or Cafe Lift for Cannoli French Toast? Where is your favorite, what kind of French Toast is it and why is it your favorite?

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  1. Green Eggs Cafe has a number of delicious french toasts. The creme brulee FT is very sweet, but decadent and delicious. My son loves the tiramisu FT there.

    1. Dujour market in Haverford Square has three different kinds, and as a bonus all come with real maple syrup, not HFCS crap.
      Cafe lift, across the street from my loft tries hard but their product is so sweet and they use only crappy syrup, l used to BYOS when l went, but go no more.
      Plus if option make my own matzoh brie, it is wonderful and easy.

      1. I was very disappointed by the French Toast at Sabrina's. I couldn't believe how mediocre it was the first time I tried it, so I went back for a second go at it and was equally unimpressed.

        The best FT in the city is at Fitzwater Cafe. It has a slight creme brulee quality to it without being over the top (unless you order the Vanilla FT). Morning Glory generally has some delicious variation on FT on their specials menu.

        1. Another vote for Dandelion, surprisingly