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Feb 4, 2014 03:28 PM

MODERN SNACK BAR in Aquebogue…#1 on the Saveur 100!!!

I pass this place so often and have never been..sounds like the pies are the item to order….any comments?

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  1. My family loves it. I just get the soft shell crabs...everyone else gets the duck. Mashed turnips are great. Otherwise, just ordinary stuff (Run, don't walk, away from the clam chowder!) Inexpensive, large portions, inconsistent service. Pies look great, but I'm not a pie person.

    1. We like it. Closed until Spring though, like every winter.

      1. When we lived on the North Fork many years ago,had many a tasty down-home kinda meal at "Wanda's"....
        aka--Modern Snack Bar----give it a try.
        Toss up between Wanda's pies and Briermere Farms pies.

        1. I don't know about #1, but they are a nice, old fashioned diner type place with great food and fast service. The pies don't impress me all that much, compared to all the hype. Duck and lobster is the way we usually go.

          1. I agree on the pies, better looking than tasting. I prefer toasted almond cake. But, as per EricMM, soft shell crabs, turnips, duck are winners.


            FWIW, the Saveur 100 is ordered randomly. In 2012, Itgen's in Valley Stream also made the list. Clearly the editors view Long Island as a wellspring of culinary innovation!