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Feb 4, 2014 03:26 PM

Benefits of stoneware?

I am tempted by the Pampered Chef chicken/broccoli/cheese braid that they do on a stoneware pan/cookie sheet. It uses those refrigerated, canned crescent rolls that you unroll on the sheet and top with a mixture, then wrap it up and bake. I've seen a lot of reviews saying the stoneware breaks. Can I use a cast iron pizza pan or regular cookie sheet instead? Any adjustments to temperature needed?

What are the benefits of stoneware that I can't get from my cast iron? Thanks.

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  1. the stoneware might be slightly less heavy than the cast iron.. other than that, i can't imagine any other benefit. a stoneware cloche is supposed to be the best thing for a loaf of bread because it helps with the crust: but so does a CI dutch oven. i think if you have the cast iron you should use it.

    if you're using a CI pan, i wouldn't adjust the temp, but you might want to check the time - i'd start about 10 minutes before it's scheduled to be done and just watch the crust so it doesn't get too dark for you.

    1. No idea about modern times, using stoneware but, I've had 2 stone pizza pans and they've both broke. No idea why stoneware is still mass produced after humans have figured out how to process metal.

      In my opinion, go iron or go home... or something like that :)

      1. The stoneware will be superior to a regular cookie sheet and pretty close to a cast iron pan.

        Both the stoneware and cast iron will store heat during preheat and pour it into the bread during baking. The thinner cookie sheet will dump all it's heat at once, giving a less-than-optimal result.