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Feb 4, 2014 01:48 PM

Experience with wine coolers in low outside temperatures?


I am currently looking for a good way to store my growing wine collection.

I do not have access to a basement with a stable temperature and also live in Norway where the temperature shifts quite a bit between summer and winter - as well as room temperature during one day. Thus, I am considering to buy a wine cooler/fridge to keep an ideal environment for my aging wine. The cooler, I am thinking of keeping on a non-insulated loft where the temperature is almost the same as our outside temperature.

I have heard that wine coolers with regular compressors (like normal fridges) should have optimal inside temperatures of 55F - and its outside temperature should only deviate +/- 30F from that...Its the winters here I am worried about when the outside temperature drops to say 10F - and wondered if that would hurt the wine cooler and ultimately the wine. For instance make the compressor stop and make the inside temperature the same as outside - thus freezing my wine!

So, does anyone have any experience with the use of wine coolers in shifting surrounding temperatures - say keeping the fridge in your garage, loft etc.?

Thanks for any inputs, experiences, recommended producers etc!


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  1. I have a fridge in my garage. The outdoor temperature has been as low as 0 Fahrenheit this winter and the garage temperature has dropped as low as 40 Fahrenheit - i.e. not a problem for my fridge and garage. Norway may be worse. I'd suggest leaving an incandescent light bulb on in the attic on cold days.