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Feb 4, 2014 12:46 PM

BYOB Japanese

Looking to start a comprehensive list of BYOB Japanese restaurants in NYC. I've been to a couple that fly under the radar and are fantastic.

Who wants to contribute to the list?

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  1. There is Poke on the UES
    Seki allows BYO with a fee

    1. Tanoshi sushi. What are the ones that have flown under the radar?

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      1. re: MVNYC

        Onya was one, and I can't for the life of me remember the name if the second.

        1. re: rushbikes

          You can byob at Onya? The one on 47th?

      2. +1 for Poke

        Sushi cherin in e village, but i haven't been lately, so call to confirm:

        This website is helpful, but you have to sort through which are japanese...

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          1. re: MVNYC

            Ha, I haven't been there in forever... I just remember the BYO thing. (and the long line)

          1. re: princeofpork3

            kuma inn now serves japanese food?

            1. re: sam1

              Kumain ( Kuma Inn) means let's eat in tagalog.
              They serve Filipino, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. The lechon used to be prepared by a Hispanic chef and it tasted more Puerto Rican than Filipino. Anyway, no Japanese food here that I know of.

          2. I'm not sure if Bugs ever got their liquor license. But last I went they didn't have one.
            Katsuei in Park Slope is BYOB

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            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Katsuei is no longer BYOB (at least they now serve alcohol, they may allow BYOB).