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Feb 4, 2014 12:31 PM

New Le Creuset color, "Palm"

So word on the street is that Le Creuset will be releasing a new color called Palm sometime around March. A blog called "Raskin Around" on the Charleston (SC) Post and Courier website had an item today about their local LC store's upcoming launch party later this month, describing palm as a color "inspired by the luxurious fringe of green where land meets sea." I like it; it seems fresher than Fennel, and brighter than Spinach. But I'm wondering whether it will play well with my existing Kiwi. I can't wait to see it in person!

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  1. I just got a postcard from Le Creuset announcing the new color. From the postcard, it looks like kind of an apple green/martha stewart green. It looks really pretty.

    1. i love green cookware! from jadeite to dark, rich "emerald" ECI staub cookware... love it ALL!

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        I do too! It goes well with so many other colors, which is a good thing, because I tend to collect dinnerware and decoratve items depending on what color I'm crushing on at the moment. One month I'm into turquoise, the next it might be purple, or I'll be in a rattan/tropical mood...green goes with almost everything I have :)

        And I just saw on Twitter that the Palm is being unveiled next weekend. There's one event not too far away, I might have to go:


      2. It's strange they would introduce two greens so close together. Sur La Table has an exclusive on their Rosemary shade so I wonder if this is that shade under another name. Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma had the same deep cobalt blue under the Sapphire and Marine names. Wonder if it's the same with this.

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          These are pics that I saw on Twitter..they seem a little bit more yellowish to me than Rosemary, but not as yellow as Kiwi

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            Oh that is pretty. I don't have any green LC.

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              This seems to be in line with a few other 'ombre' style colors of late, like Truffle and Coastal Blue.

          2. Lots of new colors. Wm Sonoma just introduced "Lapis" for their signature collection. It's pretty, and so is this new green color "Palm." They sorta go together - if you have lapis blue water, there must be some palms around!

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              From the pictures I really like the Lapis color - a beautiful deep blue. I'm not in the market for any more LC, but if I were...

            2. This picture is from the Atlanta housewares show of palm

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                Nice! I found a video that LC posted on vimeo, that makes it look a little lighter. It's still pretty. Based on the video, it doesn't thrill me like Kiwi, but I'll reserve final judgement until I see it in person.


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                  Great find Susie!! Will be you be going to a signature store for the launch?

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                    I was really hoping to go to one but probably won't be able to make it to the Signature store until the folllowing weekend. (Maybe my street will be plowed by then!) I've had enough winter and could use an infusion of tropical green, so I'm looking foward to your Palm party pics!

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                      Oh that sucks!! I am soooo sick of snow and cold weather!! I think if I add some palm to the house it will make it feel like I'm in the tropics!! :)

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                        Here are some pics from the store... And a picture of palm vs kiwi!!

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                          Thanks for your pics! It's all beautiful!! Well I couldn't wait so I managed to make a quick run to the signature store and got a Palm myself. Here it is next to my baby 2 quart Kiwi on the awful coil cooktop (hoping for induction, someday...). The gradation on the Palm lid is more noticeable than on the Kiwi. For some reason I think the Palm photographs as more avocado than it really is in person. I just love it and I think LC was careful to make it just enough like Kiwi that they can be next to each other and not clash. In fact, I actually like that they make a nice variation on a theme instead of matching exactly. Shades of green, just like nature. :)

                          If anyone's interested, the LC website just added a color-pairing tool where you can put two colors next to each other (including Kiwi and other outlet colors) to see how they coordinate. It's fun to play around with:


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                      that video makes me want to buy a beach house, just so i can stock the kitchen with the new color!

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                        Haha... You too? I think I want every piece that's in the video!!!!! Oh I can't wait to get some new palm!!

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                          Just like that commercial with the couple asking the architect to design their kitchen around the faucet: hand the architect a baker in the new Palm and say "design a beach house around THIS!" LOL.

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                            Haha... I totally agree with you!! The palm looks so good with the natural wood in the video!! It fits with my personal style!! ;) you're totally welcome! I'll try to post some pics of the palm party Sunday too!! :)

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                              Holy moley, there are even MORE Palm pics in this video at about the 09:25 mark:


                              I'm guessing these videos are made for the cookware trade businesses? It looks like there are some more stainless pieces coming soon, with a mariner star pattern. LC you are going to bankrupt me! :)

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                                Wow!! I loved that video!! I just watched it twice!! I love the design of the new SS too!! It really compliments the cast iron. I also love the additional palm pics too!!

                                These are very cool videos!! They should make this stuff more readily available!!

                                Haha... I agree!! LC is killing my budget!! I want everything.