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Feb 4, 2014 11:46 AM

Bay Area food gifts to bring to Berlin

Suggestions for items from the Bay Area that would travel well as little thank you gifts for friends in Berlin?

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  1. Sourdough bread, your wallet, and 2 hours at KaDeWe:)

      1. If they are wine connoisseurs you can surely get them CA wines that would be next to impossible to buy in berlin (or extremely expensive there).

        For teens, possibly US sports hats and gear (NFL, NBA, MLB) - should check with their folks to see if any of that is trendy there.

        For non-bay area ideas: In my research in the past on this question real maple syrup seems to be a wildly popular request. Apparently if they can get it at all it is super expensive. Oddly enough marshmallows, marshmallow fluff, saltwater taffy and candy corn also seem to be rather uniquely American.

        1. See's candies. Nuts & chews, dark chocolate assortment.

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            1. re: pauliface

              Not the chocolates. See's peanut brittle ist sehr Amerikanische .

            2. A burrito?

              I have hand carried a burrito (carne asada, no sour cream) to Munich in the usual foil wrapper. Once there (really, right away, 12h trip time is about as long as you want to "age" a burrito!) I replaced the foil with plastic wrap for a quick microwave reheating... better than any burrito your friend will find there. For the right person, it could be a winner.