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Cosmopolitan's e by Jose Andres - dining alone?

I will be in Vegas several hours before my girl friends on a Thursday evening in April. I am a foodie and while they appreciate food too, they won't want to spend money on a meal like e. Is e the kind of place where I will feel comfortable dining alone? I'm assuming so since from what I understand it's a communal chef's table, but I wanted to get your take on whether it's a better experience shared with a significant other or friends.

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  1. It's absolutely OK. I've dined there solo, and enjoyed it immensely. Everyone talks to everyone!

    1. I had a wonderful time dining solo at e a few years ago. It is a communal Chef's counter, and everyone was very friendly.

      1. You're all seated around a counter - all 8 of you - it encourages chatting.

        1. Absolutely no problem dining alone. The best part is the interaction with the chef and like-minded dining companions.

          1. Been there, done that, enjoyed it.

            1. Thanks, everyone! I got a reservation confirmed, so I will report back how it goes!

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                It is all better if the people around you are fun, too. The table I dined with was a well-to-do family from the South, Mom and Dad with their adult, married kids - a total of 6 drinking heavy and having a great time. Hope your crowd is similar fun as the chefs really engage with it and are excellent at reading the vibe of the room.


              2. I can't imagine a better situation to dine alone. The intimate setting and talk between guests and chefs make it ideal.

                1. I've dined solo twice. the first time was great. the 2nd time was with 3 couples who kept to themselves for the most part and wasn't quite as fun

                  1. I wanted to give you an update on my "e" experience. I ended up changing my reservation to a later date and also ended up with a dining companion. I was really glad I didn't end up eating there alone. I'm sure it would have been fine, but the night I was there, every couple kept to themselves - absolutely zero interaction. The food was AMAZING. I often get my hopes up when I hear that a restaurant is incredible, and then the reality can never quite meet my expectation. "e" actually exceeded my expectations.

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                      About how long did the whole experience take?

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                        As there are two seatings the meals are capped at 2:30-3:00 max.

                    2. Shouldn't be an issue. The food itself will keep you busy and if the other patrons are not chatty the staff itself can be engaging. I recall that I even introduced the manager to Chowhound! as she surprisingly hadn't heard of it.