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Feb 4, 2014 09:56 AM

Cosmopolitan's e by Jose Andres - dining alone?

I will be in Vegas several hours before my girl friends on a Thursday evening in April. I am a foodie and while they appreciate food too, they won't want to spend money on a meal like e. Is e the kind of place where I will feel comfortable dining alone? I'm assuming so since from what I understand it's a communal chef's table, but I wanted to get your take on whether it's a better experience shared with a significant other or friends.

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  1. It's absolutely OK. I've dined there solo, and enjoyed it immensely. Everyone talks to everyone!

    1. I had a wonderful time dining solo at e a few years ago. It is a communal Chef's counter, and everyone was very friendly.

      1. You're all seated around a counter - all 8 of you - it encourages chatting.

        1. Absolutely no problem dining alone. The best part is the interaction with the chef and like-minded dining companions.

          1. Been there, done that, enjoyed it.