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Best Korean Mandoo and/or Noodles

For noodles I have always been happy with Ma Dang Gook Soo but I have no idea if it is a contender for best of K-town. Mandoo has always been a mystery to me in that they all seem about the same to my undereducated palate. Please help me expand my carb-rizons in K-town!

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  1. All Family Restaurant (Crenshaw/Olympic) scratches both the mandoo and K-noodle itch for me (the latter being hand-pulled, too).

    I used to go to Nae Ko Hyang in K-town, but they moved south to Southbay somewhere (Torrance, I think).

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      I asked about this place http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8852... back in January of last year but the post sank like a stone in a stormy sea. Glad to have some feedback finally.

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        You were the one that actually clued me into it. Well, you and sheer dumb luck.

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          There isn't a micrometer of separation between me and sheer dumb luck that I can find...

      2. I don't eat in K-town very much, but I like Chilbo Myunok for the cold noodles. I also had mandu once and thought it was tasty. The beef broth that they serve instead of tea is also a big plus. =)

        They're also a BBQ place, although I've never tried any of their BBQ. Their non-BBQ menu is actually fairly extensive, I think.

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          I've had so-so experiences with Chilbo, other than the cold noodles and the Galbi JJimm which are great.

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            Oh, what were the so-so dishes, if you don't mind me asking (so I know what to avoid!)?

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              It has been a few years, I don't recall the exact dishes, except to say, "the rest of the things I had," which I realize is not much help.

        2. the mandu are all about the same. so I go for the quickest, and easiest: cho man won. no fuss, freshly wrapped, only 2 flavors, no beer. I know that's a debbie downer for you but...

          picking the "b"est mandu in ktown is like looking for the best looking turd in the toilet.

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            Unlike the SGV -- where eating a booze-free, non-breakfast meal is out-of-the-question -- in K-town I can manage: the ride out is shorter, so I tend not to have the shakes when I arrive, and there are many, many bars to choose from :))

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              "the mandu are all about the same."

              Just like xlb then?

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                Well, the worst looking turd in the toilet might be at Bibigo.

              2. i know it's a cliche, 'cos bourdain went there, but i went to this joint and the dumplings and noodles were great:


                1. Myung Dong Kyoja (3630 Wilshire Blvd)
                  O Jang Dong (4031 W 3rd St)
                  Pao Jao (Ktown plaza food court - bao style buns with Korean style filling)

                  1. Went to All Family last night.
                    Great seafood soup with hand made noodles (9 bucks for a feast) and a surprisingly excellent pork stir fry. Both the soup and the stir fry had really nice "kurobata squash" slivers (not sure that's what it was but was like it).

                    Rather bland mandoo, which is about par for all the mandoo I have had. I guess I want them to be as flavorful as Chinese boiled dumplings, which they just are not.

                    Thanks for the heads up!

                    1. thanks to this thread, I was mentally coerced into trying more mandu to dispel the "polishing the turd" attitude.

                      Yu Ga Ne (cuz I've done the Myung(s)/Ma Dang, whatever. And I'm not gonna get trolled into eating bibigo's chicken gyoza, unless Ko So Young is hand feeding them to me): atrocious dumplings, weirdly (and awesomeful) Chinese JJM. Super nice fam, but that seems to be the norm at all the K-carb houses with the exception of Cho Man Won.

                      Popeye's Dumpling (part of Win BBQ) is going through some odd post-grand opening revamp. I dunno wtf happened, but couple of weeks after opening, they are suddenly "not ready" to serve wang mandu (which, really, is a misnomer, because apparently there is no word for "bao" in Korean, so they added "king" in front of dumpling) until... next weekend.

                      Apologies for the rent. I was seriously miffed after diverting from SGV to eat shit "Chinese" food in the middle of Ktown.

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                        "...they are suddenly "not ready" to serve wang mandu (which, really, is a misnomer, because apparently there is no word for "bao" in Korean, so they added "king" in front of dumpling)..."

                        Don't step on your wang (unless your nickname happens to be "tripod" by some genetic lottery win by chance?) just quite yet.