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Feb 4, 2014 08:43 AM

Looking for the best mid price dining

My husband and I are going to LV on our own nickle this March. We love good food but for various reasons aren't willing to spend top dollar during this trip. For those of you chowhounds who know LV well, please tell me - if you had to pick 2 dinner places, any cuisine, with dinner (not including drinks) in the $30 range, where would you go? We are staying at the Trump. Or is going somewhere fabulous for lunch a strategy? Thanks!

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  1. Milos at the Cosmopolitan has a three course lunch for $22.14.
    Mon Ami Gabi for lunch or dinner.
    Kerry Simon's KGB Burgers at Harrahs (Kerry Simon beat Cat Cora on Iron Chef America.)
    About two miles west of the Strip is the Prime Rib Loft at the Orleans.

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      Thank you for recommending Milos! Truly some of the best food - certainly the best fish- I have had in ages. The grilled bass served boned with a butter caper sauce was poetic. Without your recommendation I never would have found this place.

    2. ...fabulous for lunch for $30/pp? Milos is the only option on strip, probably. On strip, dinner, for $30pp? Fabulous is out of the question. For 'good,' you're probably still quite limited.

      1. Depending on how/when you prefer eating dinner, you might want to investigate "Happy Hours"....which, in most cases, means eating prior to 6pm. Google "Las Vegas Happy Hours" and you should find lots of info.

        1. Utilize the site (google discount coupon and you will be able to get $25 coupons for $4) and you will have plenty of options. One of my favorite is Border Grill. Yes it's at the other end of the strip but if you have car it's worth it (with coupon that is). Not far north is Viva Las Arepas which will fit the bill. Fat Choy (car only). The Oyster Bar at Palace Station. China Mama, Hot and Juicy (need car). All of these places will work. And there is more than just 1 strip restaurant offering lunch specials.

          For some reason people avoid rental cars when they go to Las Vegas. And quite honestly not having a car is more expensive and less convenient. I have never paid more than $25 a day for a full sized car and sometimes Hotwire has $11 deals. Heck, most of the time hotels are cheaper on expedia when booked with a car. So go crazy...get a car and open up a world of different cuisines!

          1. Hey if you are still listening then you might try the Peppermill Restaurant. It's walking distance from Trump.
            Just head out to the strip and head north. 4/10 of a mile on the right. The menu has an enormous selection and the desserts are like the menu, enormous also. My sister got the banana split last time. It had two whole bananas, three giant scoops of ice cream (had to be a quart each) just cover with strawberries and whip cream and all the other stuff you normally get with a split. The d├ęcor is worth the walk even if you don't eat there. Check out their website. If you get a chance read my post above. You might find something that sounds appealing.
            Most of all have fun.

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              Thank you to all of you! We have a res at Milo for the lunch.

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                We had a great big old breakfast at the Peppermill on your recommendation. What a trip that place was! The people watching was terrific. Luckily we had a fridge and a wave back at the Trump, because the breakfasts are ginormous. Lots of fun. Thanks!