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Feb 4, 2014 08:16 AM

Starting the food plan….a couple of questions

My husband is attending a workshop beginning the Friday after Mardi Gras (which we will miss this year)! I'll be on my own for lunch Friday. Was thinking about going to Herbsaint as reading the menu makes me drool. When I'm by myself, I like to sit at a bar, have a drink & lunch. Will that work at Herbsaint?

What's the thought about Red Gravy?

Thanks for any info.

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  1. There have been a number of good "eat at restaurant bar" threads in the past 6 months. I think you will find that you will have a pretty good selection.

    I've only had drinks at the Herbsaint bar but remember several posts about pleasant dinners at their bar.

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      Thanks collard man. I tried searching, but if you put eat or bar in the search, it's difficult to sort through everything. I didn't find a thread that actually talked about eating at the bar. Maybe my skills are lacking!

      1. re: topeater

        I've eaten countless meals at Herbsaint, but of those, maybe only 3 times at the bar. Food is the same, obviously, but their service team is so well-informed and attentive, I much prefer being in their able hands. Plus Reno or one of the other managers, all of whom are into wine, can guide you through their interesting wine list should you have questions. But it it's the bar or nothing, take it!

        1. re: sanglier

          Hey thanks for the info. I'll just be by myself, so I hate to take up space at a table that might seat another person. I guess I'm just too aware of what it costs to run a restaurant that I wouldn't want to take up too much space. I'm usually happy with the bar when alone.

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          Try single dining. I did that and found some good threads that lean towards good spots for bar dining.

      2. Clancy's would be perfect. Little bar, quite good, pleasant. Not too packed at opening, especially that day.

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          Does Clancy's have any outdoor seating? I will have a pup in tow while in New Orleans. I am amassing a potential list of dog-friendly patios that also serve great food and drinks. As long as the weather cooperates (Feb. 22 - 28), I'm hoping to have lots of outdoor drinking and dining options, as well as a couple of indoor, dog-friendly bars.

        2. I went solo last Jazzfest and had a small table for two in the bar area.
          I did call and speak to someone there before my trip and they advised me to come at opening.
          It was great - I believe there was only one other table in that area but the regular dining room filled up pretty quickly. I was perfectly comfortable!

          1. St. James Cheese for outside dining with your pooch. Coquette has outdoor dining. Give them a call re: pooch.