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Feb 4, 2014 08:03 AM

How do you brew your morning cup of coffee?

I've been making coffee at home recently to save some money and also so I can use the beans of my choice. I have a couple of moka pots that are mostly used for espresso and also a french press. I like the french press, but don't care for the sludge at the bottom of the cup.

Lately, I started using the My K-Cup in our Keurig. This is super convenient since there is no water to boil and my wife only makes her coffee from pods, so its already on. However, I get mixed results and even after a thorough cleaning, it's been producing short cups for the past week.

I've been looking at an Aeropress or some other kind of single cup contraption (Chemex, Hario, etc). Just wondering what others use to make their coffee and what method or device do you prefer?

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  1. I use a burr grinder then brew in a Bialetti.

    1. Used to grind with a ceramic Burr grinder then hario pour over but now I grind in the ceramic Burr grinder and use aeropress.

      1. Bodum burr grinder, Bodum french press = fantastic coffee, every morning. Keurig, no matter the "flavor", is absolutely tasteless in comparison.

        I should mention that I am not insinuating that the Bodum brand makes the difference, the burr grinder/french press combo is the key for my taste. I am sure there are many perfectly good brands available, that's just the set-up I have.

        1. Jura Capresso E8. Grinds the beans and brews your choice of coffee or espresso or cappuccino (it has a spout to for steam to hot-foam the milk).

          Not cheap, but hubby discovered it in Switzerland over ten years ago when it was just Capresso.

          We bought the first machine from Williams Sonoma in South Coast Plaza, Santa Ana, and at first, they died after a couple of years. Williams Sonoma replaced them every time we had a problem.

          After Capresso merged with Jura, our coffee maker has worked without a hitch for about eight years, I think.

          They also have an excellent customer service organization in the U.S., webpage or 800 toll free telephone.

          Oh, BTW (by the way) they do not recommend using Starbucks because the say the beans are too oily and mess up the inner workings of the machine.

          1. French press for me and has been for many, many years. I have not the faintest idea of what brand the press I currently have is (I have gone through more than a few over time).