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Feb 4, 2014 07:50 AM

Any updates/new comments regarding Sunday Brunch in Grand Cayman?

Our cruise ports in George Town on a Sunday. We feel like what we are going to be in the mood for may depend on how things are going on the cruise food-wise.

There are just two of us, so if anyone has any experience as far as how necessary brunch reservations may really be, that would also be appreciated.

If we’re feeling well-fed, then splurging on Seven at the Ritz may not be necessary, and then we might be thinking Michael’s Genuine is more up our alley. Luca and Ortanique also sound great. I see that Luca also strongly suggests reservations.

We don’t have any plans for the day, so we could also pop around for a bit of a bar/restaurant hop, so we are also considering making a few stops.

I didn’t see anything posted since last April RE: Grand Cayman dining, so I thought I’d put this up to see if anyone had anything new to add.

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  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Luca and the Westin all have good brunch. Reservations are necessary. Brunch is very popular on the island. I have never been to the brunch at Michael's or Ortanique, the dinners that I have had there have been good.
    If you are coming from a cruise ship, and want to try a number of restaurants, you may want to go to Camana Bay where you can go to Michael's, Ortanique, Karoo , Abacus and Mizu. All of these are very close to each other. There is also a wine tasting store and a gelato place in Camana Bay.
    Otherwise, if you have a number of stops, taxi fare can add up.

    1. In Georgetown there is a joint called Rackam's which we enjoyed for bar hopping! Food was actually good too! Right on the water

      1. Thanks Linda and BigGeorge. Sounds like Camana Bay would be a good spot for us so we don't have to limit ourselves to one big meal, but we could also make a stop at Rackam's during the to or from. I'd guess we will mostly be on foot as from what I can tell Camana Bay should be just less than two miles from where we port, but we may take a cab one way. We'll see--should be fun either way. I appreciate the help!

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          We did end up walking up to Camana Bay. It was not very happening on a Sunday and most of the shops were closed, so I wished I would have looked into that more.

          We did end up eating light at Michael's and it was delicious.
          From there, we walked back down to the port and stopped at F & B Craft Beer for a beer which was a new place that didn't come up in my searches beforehand.

          Before heading back to the ship, we wanted to stop at a place with a nice patio on the water. We were going to go to Rackam's, but ended up at some place called Da Fish Shack. We were just going to stop in for a drink as the patio looked comfortable, but the fish coming out of the kitchen actually looked really good. We ended up sharing one of their fresh catches and enjoyed it. The service was a little slow and the bathrooms were really dirty, so that definitely detracted from the place...but overall, it wasn't a bad place to kill some time on a lazy island afternoon.