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Chef looking for great experiences in Berlin next week

mhowellgtc Feb 4, 2014 07:45 AM

I'm a Canadian chef visiting Berlin next week for 8 days - first time. Staying on Blucherstrasse in Kreuzberg. don't need Michelin - do need great experiences. suggestions welcome. Also need a great place for macchiatos. A colleague and I are attending Berlinale at Potz Platz

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  1. linguafood RE: mhowellgtc Feb 4, 2014 11:12 AM

    These are all suggestions in your area:

    Wirtshaus zum Mitterhofer -- Austrian home cooking
    Thalassa -- very good Greek
    Hartmanns (one Michelin)
    Noi Quattro -- fancy Italian
    Zur Henne (you better like fried chicken)

    FWIW, stay away from any restaurants on or near Potsdamer Platz -- they all suck. However, I've heard that there are a bunch of food trucks for the Berlinale this year. Might be fun -- it's a fairly new thing for the city, the whole food truck bidnez.

    Any particular cuisines you'd be interested in?

    Hasir is popular for Turkish, and Imren on Boppstr. serves up a fab shwarma....

    Good coffee can be had at Five Elephant & westberlin.

    My favorite, however, is Double-Eye in Schöneberg and Godshot in Prenzlauer Berg.

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    1. re: linguafood
      mhowellgtc RE: linguafood Feb 4, 2014 12:24 PM

      Thanks Linguafood. Love Turkish and med. I'm deeply involved in Slow Food (co-chair of Slow Food Canada) so Italian and local figure prominently. won't eat at Berlinale - just watch films!

      1. re: mhowellgtc
        linguafood RE: mhowellgtc Feb 4, 2014 03:22 PM

        Well, you'll have to try Il Casolare then, a pizza place run by Italian ex-pat punks. People love to complain about the "rude" service, but it's one of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas in town. They have a sister restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, I Due Forni.

        Masaniello, relatively close to where you're staying, also makes a pretty fantastic Neapolitan pizza. Good antipasti as well.

        Noodles e Figli used to be quite good, but I haven't been in over a year, so I am hesitant to recommend them. They do subscribe to the whole slow food movement, tho.

        Grünfisch is on Graefestr., also nearby, owned by a Sicilian and a Vietnamese guy. Their old location was very good - one of the few places that got fusion right, but I personally haven't been to the new location.

        Anyway, let me know if I pointed you to the wrong 'hood, as Blücherstr. is fairly long, and I'd be more than happy to make more recs.

        1. re: linguafood
          mhowellgtc RE: linguafood Feb 4, 2014 03:50 PM

          Its Blucherstrasse quite close to Urbanstrasse.

          1. re: mhowellgtc
            linguafood RE: mhowellgtc Feb 5, 2014 08:11 AM

            I guess my suggestions all pretty much apply, then.

            Guten Appetit!

    2. m
      mchametzky RE: mhowellgtc Feb 4, 2014 12:09 PM

      If you can get to the TurkischeMarkt on the canal, in Kreuzberg, do so. It's an open air market, only open a couple of days a week. If you like Donner Kebabs, this is as good a place to find them as there is.
      Many schnell imbiss (quick eats) places have good curry wurst and Doner's. But, I find the Markt worth seeking out, for its atmosphere, authenticity, and variety. Good place to wander about and pretend you're a native.
      I would also recommend a visit to the food halls at KaDeWe , http://www.kadewe.de/en/the_kadewe/, on Tauentzienstrasse. The one comparable place I know of is Harods, but I prefer KaDeWe.

      1. k
        kkligerman RE: mhowellgtc Feb 26, 2014 04:57 AM

        How was your trip? I will be heading to Berlin mid-March for a week's stay and I too am very interested in the localvore and Farm to Table options.

        Did you discover any interesting places that you would like to share?

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        1. re: kkligerman
          mhowellgtc RE: kkligerman Feb 26, 2014 05:19 AM

          Hi kkligerman - There are several markets in the city with great selections - old one Markethalle Neun - Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43) has fantastic selections of local foods - prepared and raw) aligned with Slow Food movement.
          excellent higher end turkish Osmans Töchter türkisches Restaurant Pappelallee 15, 10437
          Tucher Tor - high end German with decent food, right by brandenburg Gate, dramatic room , good wine list
          Visit the Turkish Market along canal at Maybachufer at Kotbusser damm great ethnic shopping and some good street food.
          we are told that Katz Orange , La Soupe Populaire and Rutz are all very good for higher end experiences but we didm;t make it there. Finally, the Food Hall on the 6th Floor of KaDeWe is a great browsing experience

          1. re: mhowellgtc
            kkligerman RE: mhowellgtc Feb 26, 2014 06:58 AM

            Thank you! I already have reservations at Katz Orange and had looked at Rutz online. I will add La Soupe Populaire to my list of things to research.
            I can not wait to hit the markets. Sadly I will be in a hotel room without a kitchen but the sights and smells of the markets will be enough to savor.

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