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Feb 4, 2014 07:08 AM

Baltimore Seafood for 30th B-day?

Hi. I'm trying to find a great seafood restaurant, that will be open the end of March, for my brother's 30th birthday. We don't want too formal of a place since we will have my 2 year old nephew with us. Food quality is most important to us.


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  1. Thames Street Oyster House in Fells Point and the Black Olive (where you can pick you own fish) also in Fells on Bond Street

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    1. re: daynasch

      Go for Thames Street Oyster: less formal and half the price of Black Olive

    2. If you want crab and shrimp (and oysters too) it's hard to go wrong with LP Steamers on Fort Avenue in Locust Point. Very casual place but excellent seafood. The clue is that every time I go there there are always numerous Asian a traditional Baltimore crab house.

      The fries with old bay seasoning is also a must.

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        1. re: foster

          Yes. Seafood is taken seriously in many parts of Asia and years ago when I was first traveling through East and Southeast Asia, a wise old friend of my parents advised me that when in doubt, especially off the tourist trail, go to the local Chinese seafood restaurant.

        2. re: Roland Parker

          Since when Asian (tourist) diners are better barometer for the traditional Baltimore crab houses than local Baltimoreans?

          I've dined in most of downtown crab houses to satisfy out of town visitors for the experience, but all of them have enjoyed the subsequent visits to the suburban local favorites far more.

          1. re: Kurtis

            I doubt we can tell if the Asian diners are tourists any more than we can judge if the non-Asian diners are local Baltimoreans.

            Having both lived and traveled in Asia and having dined at the homes of many Asian American friends, seafood, particularly the freshness of seafood, is clearly an important component in Asian cuisines. So when I enter an American seafood restaurant and see many people of Asian heritage, I feel justified in expecting the seafood to be excellent.

            1. re: Roland Parker

              May the Asian diners continue to serve you well : )

              My experience on the presence of certain ethnic group in a restaurant as a barometer for quality/authenticity, even in their own ethnic restaurants, is quite mixed and find it to be unreliable.

        3. I haven't been to Henningers in awhile, but my friends always rave about the seafood there. You also might want to consider the Black Olive. I love their simply grilled shrimp and scallops, and they always have an extensive selection of fresh fish. Also, if I remember correctly, they have paper table cloths-- perfect for a 2 year old and some crayons!

          1. Ryleighs or Thames Street Oyster House.

            Woodberry Kitchen (for all I can't stand about it) sources outstanding local seafood. Methinks the best grilled oysters in Baltimore.

            I love kids in restaurants (we have 3 young ones and take them out often), but I don't think Black Olive is a good fit (IMHO) for a 2 year old.

            1. Catonsville Gourmet on Frederick Avenue has great and interesting seafood dishes. Very casual, fun atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

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              1. re: kim2310

                We ate at Catonsville Gourmet a week ago, based largely on the recs onthis board. I came away thinking that it was not bad, but I would never eat there again. The apps were the best of the lot (except for the tuna nachos, which were leaden), but the entrees (scallops, an alleged Cajun seafood pasta, halibut, and others)were uniformly heavy and the flavors were subdued.

                Maybe it was an off night, but I really expected better, particularly for the prices.