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Feb 4, 2014 07:04 AM

Seafood Restaurant

We will be in Lancaster and are in need of a seafood restaurant for my brother's 30th Birthday. We are looking to stay within 2 hours of Lancaster. I started my search in Baltimore, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows other areas to look.

We're looking for a nice place, but not too fancy as my 2 year old nephew will be with us. It doesn't have to be too nice, we're more interested in the food quality.


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  1. Why not stay in Lancaster? Gibraltar has very good seafood dishes (and other food as well) and is a nice place for a birthday dinner.

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    1. re: sballard

      Thanks for the recommendation. I'm looking for a true seafood restaurant as that's my brother's favorite food. Lobster, crab legs, etc...

      1. re: MissMet

        I would assume then that Devon in Hershey is not what you are looking for then?

        I think this particular request is going to be difficult within two hours.

        1. re: MissMet

          I'm not exactly sure what your definition of "true seafood" restaurant is. Gibraltar has Lobster, crab legs, oysters, etc. Devon in Hershey is another good recommendation, and also has Lobster, Crab Legs, etc.

          1. re: sballard

            Sorry. By "real seafood" I mean hot, whole lobsters, crab legs, drawn butter, etc. Gibraltar's online menu showed seafood dishes, but I didn't see lobster with drawn butter style dishes there.

            Growing up we'd always make visits to Lancaster & on the way stop at a seafood/lobster buffet. That buffet's quality has gone down hill in recent years, so I'm trying to find a replacement for his birthday dinner.

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              Do you have the name of this buffet so that I can compare it online? I just want to get an idea of what you are looking for.

              1. re: MissMet

                Devon in Hershey has live whole lobster and king crab legs.

                I'm loathe to recommend a chain, but If you are just looking for fresh lobster and crab in a casual setting, Red Lobster might work for you. There is one on rt. 30, towards the outlets, just outside of Lancaster.

        2. Maybe the Big Fish Grill in Glen Mills? Its east of Chadds Ford on Route 1.

          1. Since you were willing to look as far as Baltimore, perhaps Woody's Crab House would suit your needs. About an hr. south of Lancaster in North East, MD. Casual, fun, eat seafood with your hands kind of spot.


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            1. re: centralpadiner

              Thanks! This is what I'm looking for!

              1. re: MissMet

                If you go there, I'll be curious to hear a report back about what you thought! My IL's love it there and regularly take road trips just to eat there.