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Feb 4, 2014 05:44 AM

Chophouse 47 in Greenville SC hits a home run again. Steak and Oysters

I hate don't have any pictures but I have to say they were awesome. This is a real steak house experience. I started out with 6 Absolut Oyster Shooters and one of the wives got an order of oyster rockefeller that we all shared and were perfect. We also ordered the Beef Steak and Onion salad that had HUGE slices layered with of both.

We had a great bottle of wine and all the steaks were perfect. The side were big enough to be shared and our loaded potato had to weigh over 1 lbs.

I enjoyed this as much as any steakhouse I have ever been. If you are in the dining room you have no idea that you can smoke cigars in the bar which me and the guys did after the meal as we let the ladies enjoy desert at the table.

I seat at every place in the upstate and this clearly is the best. The servers are happy that you are there and there is no pretentiousness like other places in Greenville. I have come to the point that if I go anywhere else in Greenville it is because someone else is paying.

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  1. Next Thursday a small group of us will be hosted at Chophouse by a business associate in a festive mood!

    It kills me though that I can't finish huge steaks anymore.I usually get the small ribeye file, but a ribeye without the cap is apostasy.I guess it will be the small prime NY strip.

    I'll follow your lead on the oysters rock, and bring several cigars to share.

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    1. re: mollybelle

      Well they are fancy if they are serving true rib eyes...deckle removed.

      1. re: mollybelle

        Thanks. This has alway been a "goto" place for great steaks. The fact that our wives can choose or choose not to join the guys for a cigar is great. I can eat 4-5 order of the oysters rock by myself. No one in Greenville does them as well.

        1. re: JB BANNISTER

          But then you haven't had mine!

          A good friend and I are planning a planning a party around an oyster Rock throw down.

        2. The bad weather cancelled our meal at Chophouse.Hopefully they will reschedule!

          JB since you seem to be the steak guy on the board, do you have a preferred butcher for steaks to be enjoed at home? I'm thinking dry aged specifically.

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          1. re: mollybelle

            In Greenville the best at home Dry age is at Whole Foods. If you are facing the counter look high on the left side the do a great job. They are very expensive but awesome.

            1. re: mollybelle

              I agree w/ JB. The dry aged at WF is really nice. If we are ever in the mood to go broke for steak, we mail order from Lobels out of NYC.

              1. re: danna

                For the price of Lobel's I'd go to the Peninsula, Hall's, or the Oak & sit for the evening. LoL