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Feb 3, 2014 10:41 PM

The weirdest plating you've ever seen...

As a customer how would you feel if a waiter put this plate in front of you? Would you joke about where the rest of the food is?

This restaurant has a habit of weird plating and gets mixed reviews.

I don't even like little rectangular plates but it would've made this dessert much more appealing. The only place I expect big plates with small portions is in a high end french restaurant and even they've been getting away from that trend.

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  1. I'm not even sure what it IS, but it looks like a pooper scooper was involved.

    I have not been to any of those toilet-themed restaurants that began in Asia (and fervently hope that does not change), but have seen pictures of the decor and dishes, including blobs of chocolate soft-serve ice cream served in miniature ceramic toilets. I can't imagine plating more appalling than that.

    1. ohh, but it's <i>PRECIOUS</i>!

      1. My first question would be the choice of plate itself. Impossible to make anything look appetizing on that.

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        1. Wow, that's crazy.

          Looks like the waiter tripped while carrying it. Made everything slide to one side.

          1. It looks like there is something missing.. If that is the entire dessert then it should be centered on an appropriately sized plate.

            If that was placed in front of me I would probably ask "Where is the rest of it?"

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              Im pretty sure thats an entree or at least an appetizer, I've not seen beef tartare served as a dessert before.