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Feb 3, 2014 08:52 PM

Any experiences at the following places.....

I am going to Paris in a few weeks, and have already made some reservations, but I have couple of more spots to fill with places that I have not yet tried. Someone recommended:

- Le Caillebotte
- Cuistance
- Encore

Does anyone have any experience with any of these?

Thank you.

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    1. Dunno how you are gonna sort this one out. Foodwise, a very similar genre, a similar excellence, similar prices, and outstanding price-quality ratios. If you want a lighter meal with small plates meant to be shared and don't mind the tourist zone location, Cuistance. If decor and buzz are important and you enjoy watching the action in the kitchen (as well as ogling other diners through the mirrors), Caillebotte. If you want a wine and food experience with less emphasis on decor, Encore. I know and love the cooking of Encore's chef because he was previously at Le Petit Verdot (one of my go-to restos in the 6th) and have therefore more of a basis for judging.... one lunch (a bargain !) and one dinner at Caillebotte and one dinner at Cuistance have all been stellar but are no more than snapshots. At the moment, Caillebotte is probably the hottest table. Both Caillebotte and Encore are open Mon to Fri while Cuistance is Tue to Sat.

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        Thank you both. Decision was made easier by Cuistance not being open for lunch on the day I am booking (Tuesday), so I am going to try Caillebotte.