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Feb 3, 2014 07:26 PM

Birmingham recs needed please

I'm a southeast Florida chowhounder here hoping to get some help. I have read most of the recent B'ham posts and am looking for the best BBQ joints and other places in town. We prefer mom n pop BBQ instead of the chains. We will be staying just south of Trussville and have about 3 days there. We are also interested in anything outside of BBQ except seafood and will drive up to 20 miles. Thanks!

Any input on these from the posts I have read?
Golden Rule
Jim n Nicks

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  1. Trussville is only 15 miles from Bham anyway.

    Avoid GR except for their griddled burgers.

    I think on its best days, Jim and Nick's (Southside location only) can equal Saw's but they have a bit of an issue with consistency. I do love JnN's habanero sauce better than Saw's single option for sauce. But for the pure pulled pork, Saw's has probably the best in town. The Soul Kitchen is cool but *tiny* so I would try one of the other locations if you want to try it unless you combine the SSK visit with a visit to Avondale Brewery next door. I know that you said no seafood but Saw's fried oyster sandwich is actually pretty awesome too; just fried apalachicolas (I think) but very good.

    Jim and Nicks is a smaller chain by the way.

    Not barbecue but the fried chicken at Seafood and Chicken Box in tville is also amazing.

    1. I've not gone for BBQ in B'ham. My favorite places to dine are Frank Stitt's Highlands Grill (make a reservation), Chez Fonfon-they are next door to each other. My other love is Hot and Hot Fish Club. Dinner there in August was a real treat, again make a reservation.

      1. For BBQ you might consider Miss Myras in Cahaba Heights, a small authentic southern place. The other places mentioned are certainly good as well.

        1. Thanks for the recs. We will stay away from GR. We will have a lunch and dinner spot open. If we need to find a Valentine's Day spot that is not too dressy, is there anything worth trying to get a reservation for? The places Candy mentioned look to be too high end menu wise for our taste. We don't want to dress up too much, so hopefully casual please.

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            If you like upscale Mexican try El Barrio downtown,,,,,,fun,lively, good. ever good place will be busy that day. Try Bottega on the Southside.

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              Valentine's Day is a nightmare for busy anyway plus throwing in a Friday night and you will see long lines anywhere.

            2. Saw's Juke Joint. Just go down 459 to I-20, get off the Montevallo road exit, and it's not too far down a side road.
              I highly recommend the pork and greens.