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Feb 3, 2014 06:38 PM

Flint/Grand Blanc, MI food

I'm working in the Flint/Grand Blanc, MI area these days and am on the lookout for some good lunch suggestions. Greasy spoons, independent sub shops, pizza joints, etc...

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  1. Ruggero's, on Corunna Road, for good pizza and Italian food.
    If you're in Grand Blanc, Colony Market makes subs that are pretty good...ask at the cash register for the menu. Also in Grand Blanc you'll get a pretty hearty sandwich or salad at the Crossbow Inn.
    Stop at any Halo Burger, a local chain, for a cheeseburger deluxe with olives.

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      re: Ruggero's ...

      In August 2013, they relocated from their Corruna & Linden Road location (Lincor Center) ... further west, just past Kroger, on the south side of Corruna Road - the olde Bubba's Sport Bar site.

    2. Gina's in Flushing has very good pizza. Taboon at the Valley has great Mediterranean food. Kabob City on Miller Road also good. Walli's on Center Road has very good fish and chips. Luigi's on Davison Road in Flint also has good pizza.

      1. Local chain Ya-ya's (several locations) chicken makes good chicken. The sides aren't all that, but the marinated, grilled chicken is lights out tasty!