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Feb 3, 2014 06:15 PM

Excellent Customer Service

I decided to start this thread for those times we want to give a shout-out about a cookware maker or seller who gives excellent service. I've recently encountered this on three occasions:

Calphalon - After a 12yo lid broke (handle fell off) Calphalon sent me a new one following a 5 minute phone call.

BB&B - refunded the purchase price on my 6mo Demeyere Proline skillet when I told them I didn't notice enough performance difference over my Calphalon Tri-Ply clad to justify the cost. I did have the original receipt.

Food Service Warehouse - A lid (part of a shipment) arrived with a dinged rim. I was asked to send them photos of the lid and box for their FedEx claim, then a new lid was sent to me. There was nothing functionally wrong with the dented lid, so I requested a different size for the replacement and got it.

Food Service Warehouse again - My new 4 qt pan arrived with a small dent near the base. I took photos and advised the CS rep that the pan was perfectly functional. This time they didn't ask for the pics. My new pan is on the way, and they've told me to keep the damaged pan.

I did suggest to the CS rep that perhaps FSW could do a better job packing their cookware, as both items were clearly damaged in transit.

Easy to deal with, no hassles... I'd buy from any of these companies again in a heartbeat.

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  1. Several years ago we had problems with our Cuisinart coffee maker. We were instructed to send it back, which we did, but we got a new one fairly quick! In general I have liked Cuisinart products.

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    1. re: sueatmo

      Hey Sue,

      Do you think Cuisinart's different divisions have different CS policies? I've heard a lot of good about small appliance CS, and mostly bad about cookware CS.

      To be fair, I haven't owned any of the cookware and haven't had any of my Cuisinart appliances fail, so have no experience with their CS at all.

      1. re: DuffyH

        I don't know. The reason I didn't buy the really good Cuisinart stuff, made in France, I think, for my induction was the handles. I have a strong preference for fat hollow handles. But if I had liked the handles, that is what I would have bought.

        Our present Cuisinart coffee maker is the best of any I've ever owned, beginning with an original Mr. Coffee. And my mid priced Cuisinart immersion blender works well. I'm kind of sorry I bought a KA food processor all those years ago. I kind of wish I had bought Cuisinart now.

    2. Many years ago my aunt and uncle had a Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker plugged into an electric outlet on their electric range (remember when that was a feature?). The Mr. Coffee coffee maker shorted out and damaged the range and of course the Mr. Coffee coffee maker did not work anymore either. It cost around $175 to fix the range. (That's about $675 in 2014 dollars.) 

      Anyway, my uncle pissed and moaned about how much it cost to fix the range. The manufacturer of the range would not cover it since their product was not the cause of the damage. My uncle would complain about stuff but not do much to try to remedy the situation. His younger brother however (my father) was a man of action. 

      My dad wrote a letter to Joe DiMaggio explaining the situation. My uncle got a check in the mail from Mr. Coffee for $175.

      They also got a new Mr. Coffee coffee maker in the mail. I think they plugged it in on another part of the kitchen.