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White-Anchovies-Boquerones-Vinegar-Packed Locally?

Anyone know where I can find something like this closer to Palo Alto?

I bought something like this at the Ferry Building on Saturday - they were delicious while they lasted - I should have bought more....

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  1. Where did you buy them in the Ferry Building? I love those things!

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      I'm not telling unless you promise to bring some to the southbay :)

      At the San Francisco Fish Company - absolutely addicting

    2. Try whole foods. I've bought them there in Sacramento

      1. I'd be surprised if you couldn't buy them at Whole Foods as Maryelle suggests or Draeger's. You might call Rock of Gibraltar in Menlo Park too.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I just wonder if the ones at WF are locally packed like takuhead wants. I too have bought Boquerones at Whole Foods. I remember them being incredibly expensive and packed with only something like 5 or 6 anchovies in a round plastic container. But they were very tasty.

          I have also seen a very much cheaper white rectangular packages with see through plastic on top with a lot of anchovies for only $8 in various groceries, but they were just no good.

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            I parsed the subject line a bit differently, i.e., vinegar-packed anchovies available for sale locally. Still, I had to think about it a bit and came down on the other interpretation, different than you did.

            Here's what local anchovies look like, can't see the flesh here but it doesn't bleach as white,

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              The local anchovies in the photo above were served to me in 2006. I asked the chef if he cured them himself. He did not. He said that the local anchovies were supplied prepped and marinated by his fish distributor. At this point, I don't recall the name . . . Pacific something, perhaps.

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              I am hoping to find some locally to buy - they don't have to be from local catch....the ones I had were imported from Italy - of course locally caught would be even better - I did check whole foods in Los Altos and no go...
              they used to carry them - I asked but the company changed their ingredients so Whole Foods dropped them as an item...the fishmonger there thought that Nob Hill might have them...I'm off to hunt today - maybe Milk Pail? Or Draegers?
              I'll give the place in Menlo Park that another poster recommended to see if they have them...I'll report back

          2. You could probably get any fancy cheese shop or the like to order them for you.

            The ones you got were locally produced? I've never seen any that were not imported.

            1. Bought them at Whole Foods, though not in the Palo Alto area. I'd expect them at any Whole Foods store.

              1. I am also curious to see if there are any locally produced boquerones around. All I have purchased are imported (whether in small, already-packed containers or loose in bins where you buy them by weight). Market Hall in Rockridge has then loose, but they are not a local product. We buy boquerones a lot and they are such a wallet-killer ... would love to even know of the best value/taste option around.

                1. Update: I got some at the Rock of Gibraltar in Menlo Park - the store next to the restaurant Iberia - by the pound at $53 per pound - imported from Italy - vinegar, salt and sunflower oil.

                  I also found some at Mollie Stones - prepackaged - drained weight of 3.5 ounces for $14.99

                  Whole foods in Palo Alto and Los Altos don't carry it.

                  So pretty pricey stuff...if you find a more affordable option - please do share!

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                  1. re: takuhead

                    You could make them yourself in season (spring and summer).

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      Actually, the season extended into fall and winter this year and was particularly abundant leading to some great whale watching locally. There might still be some available now.

                    2. re: takuhead

                      Like I said above, there are quite a few stores where I have seen the white rectangular package full of anchovies. I believe Dinon brand. Lots of anchovies for only $8 or so.


                      But they were not tasty at all, quite bland, so I would not recommend them.

                      Just mentioning this because you will likely encounter them at some point. They are often sold next to similar packages full of squid.

                      1. re: takuhead

                        The ones from Mollie Stones are by a company called Matiz - I haven't tasted that one yet...

                        1. re: takuhead

                          Matiz are some of the better boquerones out there. Dinon is a repackager of bulk (lower quality) products.
                          Aside from a few high end restaurants you will probably not find domestically produced boquerones in the USA. In Spain they have factories full of ladies in hair nets and lab coats busily filleting tiny fish by hand and packing them in cans/jars topped off with olive oil (always buy the ones in olive oil). Boquerones are laborious to make, thus the expense. Try it some time at home to see why they are so pricy.

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                            What did you think of the Matiz anchovies?

                            1. re: Melanie Wong

                              Not very good IMO - texture was odd - I ended up tossing them after eating a few....

                              But I did discover pretty good ones at the Draegers in San Mateo - in the cheese/meat deli area - and they are quite reasonable in price - $17.95 a pound.
                              Been back there twice now...need to restock again lol

                              1. re: takuhead

                                Wonder what the origin of the Draegers anchovies might be.