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Feb 3, 2014 05:50 PM

Where can I buy raw Korean short ribs (kalbi

I took a afternoon cooking course recently and one of the dishes was Korean short ribs. Where do you buy these treats. I have trouble paying $20 a KG from K mart. I may as well cook up rib eye

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  1. Korean supermarkets like Hanam, H-Mart, Kim's Mart...or korean butchers (can't recall where but I have seen the odd one around town).

    1. Hankook meats on Kingway (just W of Boundary)
      (no personal experience but it was recommended to me)

      ETA their minimal website

      1. Sometimes IGA, they call them maui ribs. Or just but short ribs yourself. you wont get the bone but you can slice in the same direction.

        1. I seem to recall that Beefway can slice for you.