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Where can I buy raw Korean short ribs (kalbi

I took a afternoon cooking course recently and one of the dishes was Korean short ribs. Where do you buy these treats. I have trouble paying $20 a KG from K mart. I may as well cook up rib eye

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  1. Korean supermarkets like Hanam, H-Mart, Kim's Mart...or korean butchers (can't recall where but I have seen the odd one around town).

    1. Hankook meats on Kingway (just W of Boundary)
      (no personal experience but it was recommended to me)

      ETA their minimal website http://hankookmeat.ca/

      1. Sometimes IGA, they call them maui ribs. Or just but short ribs yourself. you wont get the bone but you can slice in the same direction.

        1. I seem to recall that Beefway can slice for you.

            1. thanks all. I can find the short ribs lots of places. I am just to cheap to pay 10 dollars a pound for the ribs. As I don't think they are worth that much when you can get better cuts of meat for less

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                I thought you were too cheap to pay 20? 10 seems pretty reasonable, if very cheap.

                Any butcher with a bandsaw will cut. Try The Butcher on 10th, some of the guys there are OK

              2. Wait, which cut of short rib are you looking for? The one pictured here? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galbi

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                      Yeah I was gettin' hungry looking at them too.

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                      hi LR - yes, I was curious too - is the CUT for Korean the same as Maui (which any good old western cdn knows - well - from 1970's Maui Azeka market in Kihei -------

                      and then there's the flavor (marinade) - is that similar?

                      just a question - if you know the comparison I am interested to learn - thank you!

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                        Hi GS,

                        I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination. I've seen the same cross-wise cuts in some stores (ie: IGA) labeled as Maui ribs. Honestly I have no idea on the origins of Maui ribs, you seem to know. IIRC from past experience, Maui ribs don't taste garlicky. Whereas kalbi/galbi and many things Korean are *very* garlicky. And I'm not complaining.

                        From our Korean neighbors, I do know they said kalbi (galbi) marinade contains pear, or pear juice. Not sure why. These recipes seem to substantiate that:



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                          The pear is, I think, used to tenderize the meat. Kind of like papaya enzymes.

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                            Thanks :-)

                            I have a bottle of "bulgogi bbq sauce" in the fridge. Label says 17% pear puree.

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                            hi LR - that's interesting

                            ... ps - the reason i connect Maui HI + western Cdns is that it seemed in those days (1970's resource boom out west here) - it seemed like everyone's family had a condo there - for many from Vancouver to Edmtn - holiday was in Kihei (gravel road all along the waterfront - Kamole beaches)

                            i read somewhere I think on CHound some months ago about how that Maui Rib sauce in bottles that's commonly placed in the butcher dept at most IGA or Safeway stores here in BC - it's not avail in WA State - the urban myth is something about copyright - not sure on that detail - but have a look next time you're in BHam to see if it's down there.

                            oh - here we go - see the 2nd post down on this thread - 2007 - Albion Fisheries license re: Maui Rib marinade.

                            here's a bit of story - plus recipe

                            as also posted here

                            1. re: Georgia Strait

                              Interesting history.

                              Just googled "maui ribs sauce" and this was one of the hits:


                              Wonder if this is related to the Azeka Ribs folks ? The Azeka's business appears closed for a few years now, and their URL no longer works.

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                                That is the brand you find at IGA, Safeway, etc., and they rule!

                    3. Would the thin cut Maui style work for you?
                      In the current Thrifty's flyer:
                      "Fresh Canadian Beef Short Ribs (Regular, Thick Cut or Thin Cut Maui Style), All Size Packages - - $4.99 Per lb, $11.00/kg"

                      1. Thanks all. Bought some from the Korean butcher on Kingsway. And just my luck they are on sale at thrifty's a week later