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Walgreens -- "Delish," "Nice," et al.

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Since nowhere in downtown San Francisco is more than two blocks from a Walgreens, I'm in there to pick up something at least once a week.

Today I noticed that their "Delish" line of goodies had "Caramel with Sea Salt" cookies.These are thin cookies (they appear to be very similar to the "thins" at Trader Joe's, including the fact that they have a Meyer lemon version) with a layer of dark chocolate on one side; no caramel -- the cookie itself is a carmelized sugar cookie. Lightly sea salted.

These are really really good. Plus no HFCS and no hydrogenated oils (the worst ingredient is palm oil). I've otherwise not been very impressed with their house labels -- does anyone else have some good ones to recommend?

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  1. Mmmmm. Gotta try those.

    Along those same lines, I suspect that, of all places, Dollar General Store's brand of cookies is made by the same folks that make Girl Scouts Thin Mints and Samoas. Maybe others. Don't ask how I know that...

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      The Barbara Dee winter mints? They rock!

    2. I tried the Cheez-it knockoffs, and I really like them. As you said no hydro oils. The texture is not quite as flaky but the taste is very good. The lightly salted almonds are also good.

      1. Their salted mixed nuts are very good and fresh tasting. I like their dark chocolate blueberries and cranberries, but not the individual wrapped creams.

        1. I like their "Nice!" dried fruits. I use dried fruits very little, but at their price (in my area, a small sealed bag in a box for 89 cents to a dollar) is a steal. I've used their prunes, dates, apricots and pineapple....never a bad bunch. The Delish brand freeze dried strawberries are also---when you can find them--a steal. I snatch them up. I keep a box of prunes, a box of dates, and a bag of the freeze dried strawberries in the pantry.

          Over the holidays, I was gifted with the Delish jumbo pistachios and cashews, and the dark chocolate with almonds. Super duper. Haven't tried any of their frozen foods, etc, but for fruits and nuts...happy with them.

          1. Their Nice! brand jerky is very good. Especially the maple bacon jerky, which is seriously just a bag of maple-flavored bacon for a few bucks.

            1. I've picked up a couple of things, cookies and nuts. Found both to be somewhat disappointing.

              1. I like their entire line of chocolate bars. When they first came out, the labels said that they were made in Germany.

                I haven't checked the ingredients or origin labels recently, but they still taste to me like European chocolate--smooth, somewhat harder than American chocolate, a strong chocolate flavor in the chocolate bars that are featured with other flavors, etc. Here in Florida Walgreen's frequently runs specials on Ghirardelli and Delish. I like them both and they are priced way lower than any of the European chocolate bars.

                1. Good thread idea. I see that most responses are oriented towards sweets and nuts. I tend to buy foods at Walgreens only when I see something steeply discounted, which might mean they're discontinuing it.

                  But I have found some worthwhile frozen foods there in that way--most recently some breaded chicken patties shaped like burgers, which my teenage son likes and can cook himself.