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Feb 3, 2014 04:37 PM

First Timer Trip to HK

I love Chinese Food here in NYC. Coming to HK for four days. Without spending an arm and a leg, where should't we miss? Definitely want to do a great dim sum, great Xio Long Bao, and whatever else my fellow CHounders recommend. What would be the ultimate itinerary for a first timer. Just want great food. Don't want to spend a fortune (I can do that here in NYC).

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  1. Howdy sockster! I have moved from New York to Hong Kong at the end of last year, and even an average dim sum place in Hong Kong will be better than any dim sum place in New York. So you will have plenty of choices without spending a fortune.

    However, if you have some extra time and budget, I strongly recommend to reserve at least one meal for fine dining Chinese/Cantonese cuisine (non dim sum) in Hong Kong, because there is no such place in New York.

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      Kosmose- any suggestions for one fine dining experience- I'd want to make reservations ASAP, I'm sure.


      1. re: sockster

        Spend some time searching this board. Ten minutes doing that will give you some ideas, then you can narrow it down and ask more specific questions.

    2. Din Tai Fung and/or Crystal Jade for great Xiao Long Bao.

      My favourite for dimsum in general is Ming Court in Mong Kok, although that is a pretty high end place and quite pricey compared to other good dimsum places.