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Why is this Noma book selling for $1500 on eBay?

Ignoring the possibility that the bid is fraudulent/a joke, can anyone explain this?

Here's the url: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Noma-Nordic-C...

or if posting eBay links is dicey just search "Noma: Nordic Cuisine by René Redzepi and Claus Meyer".

For what it's worth it doesn't look like the same book as "Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine", which sells for about $40.

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  1. If you are really curious, I'd email the seller and ask.

    1. The book is used, and has an absurd minimum opening price of $1500. There is a bidder at the price. I suspect there is some sort of money laundering or similar scam going on, with the seller and bidder in cahoots, unless the bidder and seller are the same person. On the other hand, this seller has other very high priced books for sale and they haven't sold over multiple tries (checked other items completed listings). It is all very curious.

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        I hadn't looked at the seller's other items. Curiously enough they're all pricey, high-end cookbooks. I like to imagine I've heard of most of the high-end cookbooks (e.g. Noma, Mugaritz, Quay, Natura) and most of the listings are new to me. The listing I posted is doubly curious because I've never actually seen that book anywhere else. I emailed the seller.

        If it's laundering or a scam they chose to transact some oddly esoteric items.

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          If you hear back from the seller, do share their response. Very curious myself.

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          Money laundering, schill buyer, or garnering some bogus buzz...anyway, 34 mins to sale

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            As a first edition is the price fair market? Is the book autographed, limited edition, rare? Price set due to awards and recent accolades? I'm still not clear why the seller would start the bid at $1,500.00.


          2. I have run across a lot of crazy people selling things on ebay. Total crud at astronomical prices. And making claims which aren't true. I occasionally like to poke them and watch them react.

            1. Interesting. I used to sell on Ebay. I felt they watched the sellers and buyers real close. I was flagged for selling a PIng copy golf club just by using the name Ping.

              1. OK, the seller responded with what seem to be quotes about the book from other sites (and no words of his own, so as not to ruin the aura of mystery I guess). Here's one of the quoted posts:


                The gist is that this is a book, one of a run of a thousand, written by Redzepi and published around 2006 and very different from "Time and Space in Nordic Cuisine". So it's understandably rare and, given that the link above quotes Amazon prices of around 1800 pounds, the thing on eBay is a comparative bargain.

                You've got a little under 11 hours to put up a bid if you're interested...

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