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Feb 3, 2014 03:17 PM

EMP vs Atera vs Momofuku Ko ??

Only have time to check out 1 of them - which one should it be ? Open to other tasting menu suggestions too. THANKS !

DISCLOSURE : have been to EMP ( grid choice menu ) prior to the new one; have already been to : Per Se, Le Bernardin, Daniel, Modern, Marea

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  1. I'd pick brooklyn fare over all of them.

    1. OMG you've picked my 3 favorite restaurants. Obviously you have exquisite taste -:)! This is like asking me which of my children I love the most.

      Depends on what type of experience you are seeking, budget, any time constraints, and how casual you wish to be dressed.

      All three have superb cuisine and excellent service.

      EMP will be the most traditional of the three since you will be seated at a table with beautiful decor (but you know that since you've already dined at EMP). I find EMP the most fun due to its interactive nature. Both Ko and Atera are counter seating with Atera having more comfortable seating (although I've never been uncomfortable at Ko). Atera is more dressy than Ko. Dinner will take 3 1/2 hours at EMP; 3 hours at Atera, and 2 hours at Ko. Cost: $225 at EMP; $195 at Atera; and $125 at Ko. Number of courses: about 16 at EMP; about 20 at Atera; and about 10 at Ko. I dine most often at Ko. EMP is the most difficult reservation to obtain, followed by Ko and Atera.

      Bottom line: you'll have an amazing dinner at any of these three restaurants. Have a wonderful time!

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        I had the 9pm seating at Atera, wasnt done until a bit after 1am.

      2. Based on what you've said, I would do Atera.

        1. EMP was my favorite meal last year
          I did not particulary enjoy my meal at Atera but I've heard that it's gotten better since then. I haven't been to Ko in a couple of years.

          I think ellenost did a pretty good job covering a lot of the non-food details that may help you determine which you prefer. It mostly depends on what style of food you're interested in, and how creative or visual or classic you prefer the food relative to your dining experience.

          1. EMP. There's no contest.