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Feb 3, 2014 01:54 PM

Trenton Tomato Pie-Your suggestions please

I recently realized that the only thing somewhat similar to a Trenton Tomato pie I've had was at Maruca's on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights. Incidentially this was my favorite pizza and I've been researching the Trenton Tomato Pie recently.

I know I need to try Papa's and DeLorenzo's in Robbinsville but I'm hoping that there might be something closer. I read about a place called La Villa in Bucks County, was hoping I could maybe find something closer as I live near Manayunk. Regardless I'm happy to make a trip but want to hear from those of you who live near Bucks County/Trenton areas.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Can't help but eagerly following this thread. I've had many pizzas from DeLorenzo's in Trenton. I remember when they also had steaks and pasta fagioli. People around here don't know what they are missing ace. I got in another "discussion" with my friend John about the quality of the pizza at new station in souderton. It ended up with him singing La La La I can't hear you.

    1. I haven't personally had it but Nomad Roman at 13th and Locust now has a Trenton Style pizza on its menu.

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        Thanks-I went to see their menu online but it's not posted yet. Have you eaten there? I wasn't aware they were open.

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          The Trenton at Nomad Roman is great, maybe my favorite pie there, but it's a Roman-style pizza inspired by a Trenton tomato pie, not a Trenton tomato pie. Cheese on the bottom and a smattering of delicious tomatoes on top. Really well seasoned, great crust.

          Even better, during happy hour, a slightly smaller version of the Trenton is on special for $5. It's a great value, and they have a late night happy hour from 10pm-midnight even on the weekends.

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            Barry do you know if the bar pie specials during happy hour include the Trenton. Nomad Roman's happy hour is one of the better deals in the city, and thankfully not as well known as some.

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              Yes, the three pies on special were the margherita, the sopressata, and the Trenton. As I mentioned in the other thread, you dont have to sit at the bar, the pizza and drink specials are restaurant-wide.

        2. In Bucks County, I would recommend Tony's in Ivyland. Tony is run by the son of Tony's Tomato Pies which has been a stalwart in Frankford section of PA.

          The other place I would suggest is Its Nuts in Titusville, on Route 32 on the other side of the Delaware, about halfway between Lambertville and Washington's Crossing on the PA side. They do a very good tomato pie.

          There used to be a lot of places in Morrisville, which is where La Villa is located. I personally have not been there, but given their proximity to Trenton, its worth a trip. I should note that Robbinsville is really only 15 minutes from Morrisville, so please go and try both papa's and DeLorenzo's. They are worth the extra trip. And they are only about two minutes apart from each other so if you have a big appetite, you can go to both, (which I did this past December.. I won't prejudice you with which I preferred.


          And if you want to go to the new location of the other DeLorenzo's which is in Hamilton, NJ, you might as well also hit up Danny's in Ewing township. Ten minute drive from each other.

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          1. Yes. La Villa is awesome. I used to go to both locations of DeLo's while they were in Trenton, and Papa's too... have not visited their soulless suburban locations since La Villa gives me my fix.

            1. Sadly, Trenton proper no longer has much in the way of Trenton Tomato pies-the most famous ones, DeLo's and PaPa's have left Trenton.
              The Hamilton Ave DeLo's now occupies the former Bob Evans on Sloan Ave in Hamilton. The Hudson Street DeLo's, and Papa's are both in Robbinsville. I live roughly in the middle of these 3 new locations-a couple of miles from all of them. For me, the new locations are more convenient that the Trenton places.
              That being said, my family (including me) have been, and remain, PaPa's advocates. Their new location is warm and roomy. The whole tomatoes they use to top the pie are always delicious. The sausage has that fennel taste that makes you want to take another bite, almost before you swallow the curent one. If that's not enough, the fresh garlic is both fresh and noticeable, without being overwhelmimg.
              La Villa is actually pretty good; I haven't been there in a few years, but I was always pleasantly surprised by the quality of their pie. Good char, good crust.
              If I had to choose I'd always do Papa's first, then I'd try La Villa again. After that, I don't know: the DeLo's on Sloan has always made me wait (whether for in house or pick up), and the Bob Evans interior seems off to me. The DeLo's in Robbinsville seems pretentious to me
              (e.g. white tableclothes) and also tends to be slow (in my experience, eating in and/or taking out). Either way, I think the PaPa's pie is better gastronomically, the new location is more friendly and comfortable, and the pie's are produced more timely-if they say 20 minutes, it will be 20 minutes, not an hour.
              One thing that DeLos does that PaPas doesn't: the white clam and garlic pie (with Ricotta).