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Feb 3, 2014 01:50 PM

Looking for Alternatives to the Usual Birthday/Anniversary Places

So I have two birthdays and an anniversary coming up. I've been doing some planning and have so far booked one dinner at EMP and one at LeB. To be honest, I'm not really all that excited about going to either. Between work dining and and my own nickel, I've eaten at pretty much all the usual suspect special occasion places in the city at least a few times. I'm looking for something new. If you were looking to not go to any of the usual places, where would you go? We love the Momofuku places but I think we need to go someplace we don't go to all the time. I'd love it if someone told me there is a place like Joe Beef in Montreal that I've missed. Great combination of funky atmosphere and stellar food. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try the Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare for a great combination of funky atmosphere and stellar food.

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    1. re: darren425

      Funky atmosphere? I have not been since he got the stars but the atmosphere was the opposite of funky to me. Curious - have you been to Joe Beef? The two are almost at opposite ends of atmosphere IMO.

    2. When was the last time you did Kappo at Ma Peche or Ko?

      Kaiseki at Kyo Ya?

      Jungsik? Atera?

      Sit around trying to get into Nakazawa (which is REALLY fun at the sushi counter but the place is small)?

      I am wondering if you should be posting on the Outer Boroughs boards for Brooklyn options... especially if you want to go new / funky.

      I'd also see when Despana's next jamon carving class is...

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      1. re: kathryn

        We're not great fans of jungsik. Liked the space better when it was chanterelle.

        High end sushi is lost on my wife. She enjoys much of it but doesn't like things like uni or chutoro. Can't figure out why other than a texture thing so it's usually not worth it for her.

        Kyo ya could work. Will give that one a shot. Thanks.

      2. What about nordic cuisine?
        Skal, relevant thread here:

        Aamanns copenhagen,

        And Aquavit.

        If you have time, go up to blue hill at stone barns

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          Wife isn't a big fan of Nordic. She went with a friend to Aamanns and was dissappointed. Might consider aquavit. Have not been there in awhile.