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Feb 3, 2014 01:10 PM

Hong Kong- "nice" dinner

Returning to Hong Kong for a couple of days.Lunch at Lung King Heen, Dim sun at Tim Ha Wan. Loved dinner at Bo Innovations on last visit. Is there anything like that but not as pricey?
Any suggestions for an interesting dinner- prefer not to have chefs menu, prefer a la carte, not Cantonese, Japanese, Spanish or Italian.

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  1. French at Amber, Caprice or Petrus

    Shanghainese at Ye Shanghai, Jardin de Jade, Zhejiang Heen or Liu Yuan Pavilion.

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Hi Charles!
      According to your advise, I tried Jardin de Jade and I loved it. Their drunken crab (醉蟹 zeoi haai) was really good! :) Thanks!

      1. re: kosmose7

        You are most welcome, chowfriend!!
        OMG, that dish looks really GOOD.
        Still got an hour till lunch time!! Sigh!!