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Feb 3, 2014 01:03 PM

Kebab and Tandoor Lunch Buffet Rocks - Longwood Food Court

Someone plugged the Waltham Kebab and Tandoor buffet recently. So very tasty!

Only quibble is that the only meats were two chicken dishes. For $10 by far the best Indian Lunch Buffet in Boston right now. Just delicious.

Okra, saag paneer, dal, two NICE fried apps, chickpeas, and two nice dessert options. The flavors were just excellent.

Also this has been touched on, but in the culinary desert that is Longwood things have gotten a good bit better.

So glad that Sepal finally has a permanent home again (MIT too?) but their felafel and Middle Eastern is as good as ever... AND the nice modest Indian Food / Wrap Joint Chutneys is throwing some tasty vittles into a Paratha. Nothing earth shattering, but I had 1/2 saag Paneer and 1/2 chickpeas in a paratha with HOT sauce for $5.99. Awesome quick lunch options in a place that used to be VERY sparse for chow.

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  1. Most flavorful Indian buffet I've had in the area (including Ritu Ki Rosai) but K&T can dissapoint you too. Flavors are usually there (although I thought it was better when the older women were cooking at the previous locations), but sometimes food temps are a little cool and service has a lot to be desired - even for a buffet. Sometimes there's not much in those bins to pick through depending on how busy they are. They aren't quick to refill them as short staffing is just a given and the one guy who takes care of the restaurant may also be cooking and taking orders in the food court as well. Best to avoid Friday's and visit earlier in the week.

    The meat is always chicken - they do two styles on the bone (including tiny rib bones and necks which you have to pick out)- the one in the milder somewhat creamy sauce is usually there, sometimes subbed with the spicier reddish sauce. The breast chunks in the saffron sauce is always on the buffet - the meat itself is usually pretty dry though.

    Okra and the saag with potatoes are two of their best vegetarian dishes these days. The green/long bean dish is also very good. They used to do a very garlicky cauliflower dish that I haven't seen since they moved to the new location that I used to crave. And the little eggplants with green pepper and potato used to be craveworthy too.

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      I second Ritu Ki Rasoi when it comes to tasty Indian buffets. I've been there over 10 times and have never been disappointed with the selections on the lunch buffet. The fact that they also come to each table with freshly made dosas and chapatis is an added benefit. The thing I enjoy the most is that each dish tastes unique. Plus each time I have been there it seems like there is always at least one or two new dishes I haven't seen before.

      1. re: RoyRon

        I eat Indian buffet 2-3 times a month and after a while they all become same-y if you hit one place up too many times within a given period. I am currently taking a break from Ritu Ki Rasoi after visiting a dozen times since last summer because of it. I usually rotate between 3-4 spots - K&T, RKR, Little India in Waltham, and the Pongol depending on my desire that day since each place has their different styles. At each of these spots some days are better than others.

        1. re: LStaff

          And L, since you are always so generous with your knowledge, i am taking it that
          <At each of these spots some days are better than others.>
          means that the better and worse days are random, not that certain known days are better than others, ...yes?:-}

      2. re: LStaff

        lstaff, i'm a little confused. you ARE talking about the Waltham underground location, yes? You mentioned preferring 'the older women chefs in the old location' and i'm not understanding where that was.

        we may go tomorrow for the first time; what time is too late for that buffet-where it would be likely running low and/or closing? thx.

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          Yes, I was talking about the new location in basement of India market.

          Wed or Thur should be ok anytime before 1pm. I think its just Friday's where they can be pretty busy. But most of the times I've been the rest of the week there may be just a few people - or you could end up in the dining room alone.

      3. stripey, your title confuses me; has the Waltham K and T moved to Longwood? or did you mean to put a " ; " instead of a " - " in your title?

        1. Good to hear, maybe they have put some effort back into the K&T lunch buffet. In 2003 it was the absolute greatest of all time lunch buffet. It always used to have 2 chicken dishes as the meat. One was coconutty and the other was saltier and more acidic, and they usually contained only white meat chunks and necks. The vegetable was usually some combination of okra, eggplant, peppers, chickpeas or broad beans, and the flavor was squarely in the sour/spicy/oily realm, which was a seasoning I never really experienced on vegetables elsewhere. Rice was always some kind of pulau with a bit of vegetables in it. Also, seviyan pudding or halwa for dessert, almost never standard kheer.

          1. Just to clarify: posting about two separate things, K&T doing well AND the Longwood Galleria food court now being a viable option.

            Also, K&T is not in its third location over the past 8 or so years. Originally in the tiny place next to the fire station it was 2 or three ladies doing the cooking. I haven't checked in the kitchen at the current location, but will do so next time I am there.

            Also, now remember there were actually three chicken dishes, Tandoori, and the two sauced versions LStaff describes.

            There were also two rice options, a pilau and plain white basmati.

            Also to LStaff's post. I can totally imagine the quality varying from time to time. Service, the whole place is a bit understaffed, but the guy who is usually in charge of the resto/food court is so nice.

            Bottom line the food was just plain excellent.

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            1. re: StriperGuy

              After the tiny place next to the firehouse, they moved around the corner and a couple blocks down on Main St. They were there well over a year I think before moving to Moody St.

              The kitchen at the new place on Moody is open to see from the food court.

              I forgot about the tandoor chicken too - nicely marinated/spiced.