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Legend Seafood (Oahu): "Best Dim Sum"?

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I am reminded that last month the Hale 'Aina Dining Award went to Legend. But, if memory serves, which it rarely does nowadays, I thought several correspondents recently maintained that legend's dim sum had gone downhill a lot. True? If yes, who is the reigning champ? Happy Days? Or?

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  1. Have heard the same concerns about Legends so have not been there in a while. Really like Fook Lam, just around the corner river-side. Also recently enjoyed the dim sum at Happy Garden, although it is strictly hole-in-the-wall in size and ambiance.

    1. Mei Sum reigns...

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        Where is it now?

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          On Nuuanu Street close to Beretania.

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              They have several dedicated parking spots that you enter from Pauahi Street between the exit from the underground parking and the new Madre Chocolate shop.