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Feb 3, 2014 12:11 PM

Fun, NOT romantic, b-day dinner for four on 2/15

I am looking for a fun dinner option for my sister's 30th birthday in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for great food and/or fun experience, but I'm trying to avoid the Valentine's Day crowd. Price is not an option and we are open on location, cuisine. Any suggestions?

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    1. What do you define as fun .. are you looking for unusual ambience different food.. an interesting wine and cocktail list?

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        Yes, "fun" is pretty open-ended. Mostly, I am trying to avoid the intimate, romantic byob atmosphere. I think unusual ambience, different food, exciting cocktail list would all fit…we don't need anything too hip, but I'd like a place with a good energy.

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          Village Whiskey? Red Owl Tavern?

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            I think your biggest problem is you are still trying to get a table on Valentines weekend. Availability is going to be the biggest challenge. A lot of the wonderful places that folks have listed are probably already booked unless you are willing to go early or late.

            You could go the Tapas route.. Bar Ferdinand or possibly Jamonera.

            The sushi idea is good.. In addition to Morimoto you might consider Zento on Rittenhouse square. But definitely need to make reservations.. asap.

        2. Morimoto is a go-to, hip scene, trendy interior, great bar/lounge upstairs and then well-dressed folks downstairs where you can enjoy exquisite cooked dishes as well as the best sushi in your city depending on your palate.

          Zahav is another super-fun, very different restaurant. Probably a little more economically priced, and you can do the "Taste of Zahav" tasting menu, where they whip up a bunch of different dishes and you can experience a lot of flavors in small plates so good for a close crew. This is in Olde City, so you get to enjoy some more of the cobblestone street ambiance.

          Vernick's is in Rittenhouse Square, and is probably the hippest restaurant right now. They have a great menu, a strong energy (very popular), and judging from their fabulous date cake, I have a feeling they'd do the birthday dessert thing very well.

          1. Serpico or Fork, maybe Talula's Garden or Vedge

            1. The Victor Cafe is a lot of fun. The food is decent but the waiters and waitresses are terrific singers.


              I would also recommend Marrakesh which serves a Moroccan fixed price menu in a very unique setting, The food is good and you can request a belly dancer for entertainment.