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Feb 3, 2014 10:58 AM

Dinner Suggestions or Confirmation

My wife and I are coming into Vegas the week of April 14th to celebrate our anniversary. We have made reservations at restaurants on that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and just wondering if we should be looking at any other places to eat besides the ones we have. We are only looking at Strip restaurants so we can walk to them (staying at the Mandarin). Also, my wife isn't an adventurous eater so off the wall or experimental food probably won't work which is why we haven't considered places like Twist or e' by Jose Andres or any sushi places. We want both the service and food to be good to great.

We have Sage on Monday (this was tough because a lot of good restaurants are closed on Mondays).

We have Le Cirque on Tuesday (any chance things go south by then with Maccioni leaving?)

We have Sensi on Wednesday.

We have not been to any of these restaurants before and we are hoping we made some good choices. I am open to any other good suggestions as replacements. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Le Cirque LV, and another CH poster who was recently at Le Cirque reported that things will not be changing with the Maccioni family no longer involved. I hope you report back on your dinners. I'm scheduled to be in LV in November, and would appreciate reading about your dinners (especially Le Cirque since it's on my itinerary). Thanks.

    1. ...don't go to Sensi. There is MUCH better food AND MUUUUCH better service. Consider Blossom at Aria for an Asian spot, instead.

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        Sensi actually ended up being the seafood choice. We went to Mastro's in November and once was enough. We don't want to go to Joe's because we have one here in Chicago that we go to. We also already have Estiatorio Milos for a lunch. And couldn't figure out which other Strip seafood restaurants were supposed to be good and the menu at Sensi had a good amount of seafood on it. Are there any other seafood places we should consider???

        1. re: makins117

          Michael Mina's American Fish at Aria.
          Bartolotta at Wynn.
          Michael Mina at Bellagio.

          1. re: uhockey

            2nd Bartolotta at Wynn for seafood -- had an excellent experience and definitely want to return on my next trip. I requested a cabana, and while it certainly isn't a must-have, it added to the overall experience.

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            I had fantastic fish at Stripsteak at Mandelay Bay last week. Scottish salmon and loup de mer were both perfectly grilled. The salmon in particular had a luxurious texture, while the branzino was perfectly complemented by the smoky grill flavor.

            The gratis starter of duck fat french fries with 3 seasonings and 3 sauces was a great touch. The beet salad was beautiful and delicious. Sadly, I didn't leave room for dessert.

            I have eaten at Sensi and the meal at Stripsteak was far superior.

            1. re: makins117

              There are certainly better choices (and MUCH more expensive) for pure seafood but Sensi is fine. I will say that by no means is it a dining destination but if you are "in the neighborhood" it is a good restaurants with ample variety. Not going to win awards but you will enjoy.