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Just moved to Bay Ridge - looking for advice (restaurants, provisions, etc)

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Hi! I just moved down to Bay Ridge, and am very excited to do some exploring. I would love recs for anything and everything, from ordering in to nicer meals out to grocery shops, etc. I know this is awfully broad, so let me narrow it down a little bit, and also describe what we've discovered so far:

We've found lots of great sandwiches so far. Paneantico, Zeke's, Zito's chief among them. I also hear good things about Butcher Bar. What are we missing?

Pizza - Peppino's is nearby and I like it quite a bit, and we enjoyed the grandma pie from Nino's. Was not very impressed with Rocco's, though. Any thoughts on other pizza spots to try?

Burgers - we're down the block from Skinflints. I thought the burger was good, but sadly a bit underseasoned. Any other recs? I was not crazy about Kettle Black -they overcooked and underseasoned the burger. Maybe Butcher Bar? Elsewhere?

Chinese - have not tried yet, but hear great things about Grand Sichuan House. Is it still a good pick, and any other spots? Kathy's dumplings? Any Sunset Park spots deliver?

Middle Eastern - have had great take out from the Family Store. Thoughts on places that deliver?

Thai/Vietnamese - is there anything?

Mexican - anything? Any Sunset Park places that will deliver down to 79th Street?

Bagels - tried Bagel Shmagel, which was good but not great. Do people like Bagel Boy? Steve's?

Sweets - aside from Robicelli's, which is fantastic, what do folks like for sweets? Seems like a lot to choose from between french bakeries, middle eastern spots, ice cream places, etc.

I think that covers most of the bases, but would love any suggestions.

Provisions/groceries -
We're really looking for anything and everything. Good butcher, good fish guy, good cheese shop, good beer shop, wine shop, bread bakery, general grocery store, etc. So far ALC seems like a good specialty shop, and the new Brooklyn Market seems like a decent option. But any help finding other places is much appreciated!

Thank you so much, in advance, to anyone who can help! We are thrilled to be in the neighborhood. I'll certainly keep posting as we discover places as well. All the best.

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  1. Good luck in Bay Ridge. I just moved away from there a couple of months ago. My favorite restaurant in BR is Elia (on the same block as ALC). Greek but with a different slant. King Felafel on 3rd and 75th is good for takeout. Most like Tanoreen but I like their appetizers better than their entrees. Burger Bistro is supposed to be great for burgers. O'Sullivan's has a good burger. Leske's for really good old time bakery sweets. If classic rock is your thing there are many places for live music. If not, there's the train. Ask away if you need more specific recommendations. I'd be happy to help.

    1. There is a very decent vietnamese place on 4th Ave between 86th and 87th Sts, we go often for pho and spring rolls.

      1. Grand Sichuan House, 5th Ave and 85th St. Very good indeed.

        David's Brisket House. 77th St. and 5th Ave. Some of the best pastrami you can buy in NYC - including Katz's.

        1. Also a restaurant I never hear mentioned anywhere is Polonica which is on 7214 3rd Avenue. Really delicious Polish food. Perfect fare for this type of weather.

          1. Thanks to all for the replies so far! We will definitely check out Grand Sichuan House and the Vietnamese spot, as well as the others mentioned below. Much appreciated. And I'll be sure to share any places we come across that aren't mentioned here.

            1. I had a nice German meal (which you didn't mention) here:

              I like this place for seafood:

              1. In addition to what others have said,

                Tanoreen for middle eastern
                7523 3rd Ave
                they deliver. It's true that their selection of entrees is limited but it's still good stuff across the board

                Brooklyn Beet Company for farm-to-table eastern european comfort food (and a weird-but-cool burger
                )7205 3rd Ave.

                Uncle Jimmys Backyard BBQ is decent when you are in the mood for junk food
                8727 4th Avenue

                Highly recommend Grand Sichuan, David's Brisket, and agree that Pho Hoai (the vietnamese place 8616 4th Ave) is at least worth a shot.

                1. +1 Elia, Brooklyn Beet
                  Yemeni Café on 5th and 75th I believe is as authentic as arab food gets in NYC
                  Cross the bridge to Staten Island for Sri Lankan

                  1. Is there any love for the Indian restaurants along 3rd Avenue?

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                    1. Best take out is Grapevine. Burgers at Brooklyn Beet ( everything at Brooklyn Beet) are great. Rotisserie Chicken at Karam. I have had a few low key seafood meals at Mussels and More- gets mixed love however. Agree on Chinese, Brooklyn Market, I like the pull your own frozen yogurt place on 3rd and 84th. Indian in BR ( yuck). You won't starve.

                      1. Just wanted to thank everyone for the recs so far - we have really been enjoying just about everything. Grand Sichuan House was excellent -we had the braised beef with chili sauce, the duck with stringbeans, and the chengdu dumplings. Can't wait to try more of the menu.

                        As for the Vietnamese spot, I thought it was ok, but nothing amazing. I think we had bun with the pork chop, and the crepe, although it didn't really stand out to me.

                        And David's Brisket House - excellent! A real gem.

                        Also, good (if pricey) mezze from Tanoreen (loved the sujok), and almost as good (and much less pricey) delivery from Hazar.

                        A couple of follow ups, if anyone has particular preferences: thoughts on best burger, aside from Skinflint's or Kettle Black? Best butcher in the neighborhood? And favorite bagels?

                        Thank you again!

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                          no question- best burger is Brooklyn Beet Company. I order without the bun but my gluten eating husband orders it as is. Burger Bistro is fun. My bar burger choice is Salty Dog. Used to like Yellow Hooke Grill but they have fallen off for me. Skinflints was good about 15 years ago. Can't help you with bagels ( see above) but the meats are very well prepared at Brooklyn Market.

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                            Thank you! I will check out those spots. Much appreciated.

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                              I just checked BBC's website. They're owned by the same people who own Korzo, a long time favorite of mine in the south Slope. Their menu seems somewhat similar as well. With that in mind I'd definitely recommend the burger. The one at the Korzo mothership is terrific.

                              The wonderwurst platter is also a standout if you like that type of thing (and I do.) They've got it priced like a loss leader at $10. Get it now before the price creeps up to $16.

                            2. re: adam

                              Just a note on Tanoreen, I find their appetizers much much better than the entrees which, imo are just ok. The only entree I like there is the lamb or chicken fetti.

                              1. re: Pookipichu

                                "appetizers much much better than the entrees" I find that to be true in general with middle eastern spots. Especially with Arab restaurants in Israel. Mezzes normally rule, and if the mains are great its a bonus.

                                With that said, my lone meal at Tanoreen didnt leave a mark and I'm not rushing to go back. I saw some mentions that it was much better and more personal at the old smaller place

                            3. I have it on good authority that Abu Hassan at the back of Alsalam Restaurant & Meat Market is supposed to have the best and freshest meat in the neighborhood. If you order ahead of time they can prepare fresh lamb tartare (kibbeh nayyeh) in the morning. They lahm bi ajeen is also worth a consider.

                              Sweet Arayssi is a nearby bakery that makes very good, buttery ma'amoul with a variety of fillings. Nablus Sweets is also a good spot to check out if you want knafeh.

                              1. Karam, on 86th and 4th, sells very, very good middle eastern rotisserie chicken, among other things. Make sure to get the thick garlic sauce (sort of like labne, but I don't think they call it that on the menu), it's amazing. Very sharp, hot, raw garlic flavor. Everything I've had there has been great.

                                O'Sullivan's has a good burger. There's also a good chocolate shop very near to ALC (which is another great store) on 87th street called Deliso. I like Leske's on 76th and 5th ave for baked goods. Nice variety of very good bread there, too.

                                1. oh, and Pegasus on 86th and 3rd is a good diner, they make everything fresh.

                                  1. Sietsema's Favorite Dining Spots on Bay Ridge's Fifth Ave


                                    1. nobody mentioned Ho Brah!! Up on 3rd Ave near the 80s somewhere. love it for eat in (though super small) or more often for takeout. Mission bay burrito- can't go wrong. I've had a bunch of pizza in the area and have decided on Elegante is my favorite!! Always SO flavorful. the Kettle Black for their Wednesday wings and ridiculously amazing unique nachos. We go to Bagel boy but i definitely don't feel they are the best at all; their bagels lack that true NY taste. Little cupcake bake shop is an adorable date spot. Also, id like to throw out that there's a great chiropractor up on 90th lol.